Detecting threats by thinking like
the adversary

Arming your business to combat modern cyber threats

To achieve real improvements to your organisation’s cyber security, you need a comprehensive understanding of the latest threats targeting your business. At Redscan we understand the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by attackers to bypass defences.

Our winning approach to cyber defence is based upon assuming the mindset of the adversary. By pairing talented and passionate security professionals with cutting-edge detection technology and threat intelligence, we stay ahead of the curve to provide continuously proactive protection. Redscan’s customers include companies of all sizes, including some of the world’s most recognisable brands.

Our core set of principles
Thinking like a hacker

Our reputation is built on keeping pace with those instigating cyber-attacks. With continuously evolving threats, it is the collaborative approach of our ‘Red team’ ethical hackers and ‘blue team’ security analysts that drives our threat intelligence and allows us to retain our excellence in defending against the latest attacks.

Offering clear advice

Cyber security can be daunting but Redscan ensures it doesn’t have to be. By working closely with our customers and using plain speak, we take away the hassle and confusion of managing security in-house and provide the assurance an organisation needs to focus on its core business activity.

Exceeding expectations

We take pride in delivering the highest levels of service to ensure our customers receive the best possible threat information, analysis and advice. Our client retention levels are exceptional, reflecting the focus and dedication of our team.

Our three step approach to security

1. Assess

By adopting the same tools and tactics as cybercriminals, our experts help organisations to identify the weaknesses an attacker could exploit. We test the ability of in-house teams to respond to attacks and recommend improvements that will limit any identified security exposures.

Combining expert knowledge and threat intelligence with the latest detection technologies enables us to proactively monitor an organisation’s complete attack surface to quickly identify and respond to threats before they cause financial and reputational damage.

3. Comply

Through a process of regular assessment and appraisal, we help organisations to develop a strategic plan that ensures security policy keeps pace with the millions of new threats released daily. We can help implement new detection capabilities and train employees to improve threat awareness.

Reasons to choose us

  • Expert services, including award-winning detection & response
  • One of the highest accredited ethical hacking companies in the UK
  • Complete post-test care for effective remediation
  • In-depth analysis and advice you can trust

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