Cyber Security Glossary

Getting to
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cyber security

With so much technical jargon used across IT and cyber security sectors it can be challenging to keep up! By consolidating key words, phrases and acronyms into one central location, Redscan helps you cut through the complexity to fully understand the ins and outs of these key industries.

Key terms

Cyber Security

Cyber security is a collective term used to describe the protection of electronic and computer networks, programs and data against criminal or unauthorised access.

Data Security

Data security is the collection of measures taken to safeguard confidential data and prevent its accidental or intentional compromise, disclosure, corruption or destruction.

Information Security

Information security (InfoSec) is a widely used term to describe the practice of preventing unauthorised access, modification or destruction of digital or non-digital information and the strategies that seek to achieve this.

Network Security

Network security is a term used to describe practices and policies designed to defend IT networks and data against unauthorised access, misuse, modification and exploitation.

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