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Detect and respond to threats that traditional AV can miss

A significant uptick in the volume of threat activity specifically targeting endpoints and remote workers means it’s vital to ensure that your organisation has the best endpoint security in place.

Endpoint breaches are costlier than ever and traditional solutions cannot be relied upon to identify the latest attacks before they spread.

To help our ThreatDetect™ clients achieve greater threat visibility and coverage, we’re offering 35% off the list price of our Managed Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) services up until the end of 2020.

Why upgrade?

Reasons to choose advanced protection

As the threat landscape evolves, it’s vital to ensure that your organisation has the capability to swiftly detect and contain the latest threats. Key reasons to upgrade your existing endpoint security to a next generation solution managed by Redscan:

  • Signature detection used by traditional AV is unreliable
  • Fileless threats & ransomware evade network controls
  • Remote workers and endpoints are an attractive target
  • Endpoint data expands threat visibility and coverage
  • More telemetry aids threat hunting and early detection
  • Incident response actions can be automated

35% off managed endpoint services

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Service benefits

Included when you upgrade

Benefit from the very latest endpoint technology plus Redscan’s security experts to manage, monitor and optimise it – as well as seamlessly integrate it into your existing ThreatDetect™ service.


The latest endpoint technology

Redscan's agnostic approach to technology means we support a range of NGAV and EDR technologies and will work with you to identify and deploy a solution that’s best tailored to your organisation’s security needs and is fully integrated with our CyberOps platform.

Over 250 high-fidelity use cases

Our experienced team of threat hunters don’t rely on out-of-the-box rules to detect threats. To get the most from your endpoint tool of choice, we've created hundreds of custom-built use cases and apply the latest threat intelligence to continually develop more.

Automated incident response actions

Having the capability to not only detect but also to rapidly respond to threats is essential. By leveraging the power of the latest endpoint tools, we automate incident response actions to disrupt and contain threats as soon as malicious activity is detected within your environment.

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Terms and conditions

  • 35% discount is off the total list price of a 12 month package to Redscan’s ThreatDetect service for endpoints (including software licences).
  • For Redscan clients that do not already subscribe to ThreatDetect with managed endpoint monitoring, minimum order quantity is 100 licences.
  • For existing Redscan clients currently subscribed to ThreatDetect with managed endpoint monitoring, the offer applies to the purchase of additional licences only. Minimum order quantity is 50 licences.
  • Software installation by Redscan is not included as part of the offer and subject to a supplementary fee.
  • Redscan reserves the right to withdraw or change the terms of this offer at any time.
  • Offer applies to all orders received by 31st December 2020.