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Cyber Security for Financial Services

Financial institutions hold vast quantities of high value information, including client data, banking records, proprietary research and trading algorithms, which is at constant risk of being compromised.

In the face of growing threats, and under pressure from regulators, trading partners and customers, it is vital that organisations such as banks, hedge funds, wealth management firms and private equity houses make the right security investments to ensure that this data is fully protected.

Common cyber security challenges in the financial services sector include:

Defending growing and increasingly fragmented network infrastructure
Integrating new technologies alongside legacy systems
Balancing system accessibility with security
Minimising the financial and reputational damage of breaches
Achieving compliance with the GDPR, SWIFT CSP and FCA regulations

GDPR compliance for Financial Services

Redscan is well placed to help financial institutions tackle the complex challenge of achieving compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Enforced from May 2018, the GDPR sets strict data security standards, requiring organisations to protect personal data and report breaches to the relevant authority within 72 hours.

By helping financial services organisations to understand and address gaps in their cyber security as well as proactively detect and remediate threats when they occur, Redscan’s affordable managed cyber security services support quick, hassle-free GDPR compliance.

€20 million or 4% of global turnover (whichever is greater)
The maximum GDPR penalty for a cyber security breach.

Our managed security solutions

Managed Detection and Response

Functioning as an extension of in-house IT resources, ThreatDetect™ is an award-winning MDR service supplying the capabilities needed to monitor, hunt for and remediate cyber-attacks and breaches 24/7.

Red Team Operations

Experience a real-world cyber-attack simulation to identify the weaknesses an attacker could exploit, quantify the value of data that could be exfiltrated and assess the effectiveness of security investments.

Penetration Testing

Our CREST-approved, fully customisable pen test engagements enable you to identify vulnerabilities and exposures in your infrastructure, applications, people and processes in order to reduce security risk.

What our customers say


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Case Study

After being infected by an aggressive form of malware, a private healthcare organisation leveraged support from Redscan’s ThreatDetect™ EDR service to help eliminate it quickly and effectively.


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