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With threats continuing to evolve and multiply at an alarming rate, how confident are you in your organisation’s ability to detect and respond to cyber-attacks and breaches during the year ahead?


In the absence of a silver bullet to prevent 100% of threats, defending your business against the latest sophisticated actors requires a combination of security expertise, technology and intelligence. For organisations that lack the necessary resources to build these capabilities in-house, outsourcing cyber security to a specialist provider can prove a highly successful and cost-effective option.

Read on to discover six reasons to outsource your cyber security in 2018.


1. Get around-the-clock access to a team of experienced security experts


Effective information security risk management requires dedicated professionals that possess a deep understanding of how cybercriminals operate and the techniques they employ. Amidst a global cyber security skills shortage, these experts can be difficult to find and expensive to hire and retain.

A managed security service provides access to security personnel when you need them and eliminates the need to invest in training and around-the-clock staffing. This can also help to significantly reduce the load on already-stretched IT teams who are often burdened with the additional responsibility of managing security. Instead, outsourced experts will act as a virtual extension of your in-house resources.

Organisations that opt for an outsourced security service can make substantial savings, as the annual cost can be significantly lower than hiring just a single security engineer.


2. Significantly improve threat detection and incident response times


With a team of experts surveying your security operations 24/7 to identify and respond to incidents in real-time, threats that breach your security perimeter can be addressed before they cause damage and disruption.

A managed detection and response service, incorporating proactive network and endpoint monitoring, relieves your employees of the time-consuming task of reviewing system logs and alarms to remove false positives and triage genuine security incidents for remediation.


3. Benefit from the latest cutting-edge technologies


Protecting your business from the latest cyber threats requires a range of advanced detection technologies to help pinpoint vulnerabilities, enhance network visibility and identify malicious activity in its infancy. Purchasing all the requisite technology upfront is cost-prohibitive, and navigating through the multitude of technologies on the market can bea daunting task.

Given the fast-evolving nature of threats some technologies can quickly become obsolete so it is essential to seek the help of a specialist organisation that understands the security landscape and can help you to implement a custom solution that suits your organisation’s infrastructure and requirements.

Once the appropriate technologies have been selected, a managed service can help with the installation, configuration, optimisation and ongoing maintenance of the collective platform to ensure all constituent systems are operating to their maximum potential.


4. Receive the latest industry intelligence


Threat intelligence plays a crucial role in helping organisations improve security awareness, quantify cyber risk and inform defensive actions, but for many businesses such information can be difficult to understand and translate into tangible outputs that can be used to improve security.

An outsourced monitoring service will give your organisation access to an extensive range of global threat intelligence and practical security knowledge gained across multiple industries. Supplementary intelligence from a managed security provider could also include in-house research devoted to the detection and remediation of unknown threats.


5. Gain independent validation of your cyber security posture


Commissioning an external team of experts to conduct a cyber security assessment such as a vulnerability scan, penetration test, red team operation or compliance audit enables your organisation to achieve independent validation of its security posture.

Testing your defences against the tools, tactics and procedures employed by black hat hackers can help to identify previously unknown gaps in your organisation’s defences and provide the remediation advice needed to address them. Tests can also help to examine the performance of existing security technology and risk management policies.


6. Reduce the complexity of regulatory compliance


The importance of data security means that regulators are taking an increasingly hardline stance against organisations that fail to take appropriate measures to prevent and respond to cyber-attacks. From May 2018, all organisations that process any form of personally identifiable information must comply with the GDPR, and depending on the sector in which they operate, may also have to comply with GPG 13, PCI DSS, the NIS Directive, and the SWIFT CSP.

Without an in-depth security and regulatory knowledge, this complex web of compliance requirements that can be difficult to navigate. An outsourced Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) provides the knowledge and experience needed to help you better understand how your organisation is impacted by compliance demands, as well as any technical and organisational controls required.


How Redscan can help


Redscan’s range of award-winning managed security services are specifically designed to help organisations assess security risk, detect and respond to threats and comply with the latest regulatory requirements.

Redscan’s extensive skills and experience in offensive security means our experts can be trusted to provide the insight needed to better protect your business. Application of our collective hacking knowledge is central to our penetration testing and red teaming assessment services, and also enables us to continually improve the effectiveness of our detection and monitoring operations.

ThreatDetect™, our flagship managed detection and response service, integrates leading security professionals, advanced detection and deception technologies, and up-to-the-minute industry intelligence, to proactively monitor network infrastructure and endpoints for threats and provide the early notification and remediation advice necessary to respond swiftly and effectively to breaches.

Discover our full range of managed security services


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About the author

The Redscan Marketing team, now part of Kroll's Cyber Risk practice.