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Relying on traditional preventive security solutions to safeguard against evolving cyber security threats can leave your business exposed to well-resourced and persistent adversaries.


Addressing the growing challenges of cyber security now requires the ability to proactively detect and respond to threats that evade the network perimeter.


What is Managed Detection and Response?


Managed Detection and Response is a specialist subscription service designed to offer organisations that lack in-house security skills and resources a highly effective a way to identify and respond to threats and breaches before they cause damage.

Supplying cyber security operations centre experts, latest detection, deception and incident response technologies, and up-to-the-minute intelligence, MDR provides an advanced level of defence by hunting for, detecting and aiding rapid elimination of a wide range of threat actors.


Why do businesses need MDR?


Knowing how to identify malicious activity and respond to it are areas where many businesses struggle. Detecting sophisticated threats designed to evade detection is becoming increasingly time and resource-intensive.

IT departments, whose job it has often been to manage security as part of the everyday IT function, are under increasing pressure, but with budgets being squeezed and qualified staff in short supply, hiring and training additional personnel to perform essential tasks such as around-the-clock network monitoring is often cost prohibitive.

Organisations fortunate enough to have specialist systems in place, such Intrusion Detection or SIEM, often find that the large volume of alerts these technologies generate are left unreviewed or that the information presented is not fully understood.

Managed Detection and Response helps organisations to overcome evolving operational and cyber security challenges by offering an all-encompassing monitoring and incident response capability for a price that, in many cases, can be significantly more affordable than hiring just one additional team member.


How does MDR differ from a traditional managed service?


To help address ever-increasing cyber security needs, many businesses utilise managed services to augment in-house capabilities.  Those that do often find that the level of security monitoring offered by such providers is insufficient and can leave them exposed when attacks occur.

A big problem with many MSSPs is that they often simply don’t possess the level of knowledge required to swiftly identify and respond to the latest threats. Understanding how attackers operate, knowing how to apply the latest threat intelligence, and getting the most from security technologies are areas in which many providers stumble.

Unlike traditional managed services, MDR does not simply ‘pass alerts over the wall’. Before being brought to the attention of your in-house team, every alarm is meticulously analysed and triaged by an experienced team of CSOC experts. In instances where action is required, MDR provides the clear remediation guidance and, where necessary, the integrated response capability to provide virtual and on-site assistance.


Learn more about the benefits of MDR above a traditional managed service


What to look for in an MDR provider


When selecting a company to address your organisation’s threat detection needs, it pays to seek out a provider that not only offers the most suitable technology and resources but one that also fully understands the criminal mindset and can apply this ‘offensive’ security knowledge to improve quality of defence and speed of response.

An expert MDR supplier won’t simply wait for attacks to happen, it will utilise awareness of the latest black hat tools, tactics and procedures, plus behavioural and endpoint analytics, to hunt for a broad range of threats, including zero-day exploits.

To provide additional confidence that security needs are being met, an MDR provider will offer a Service Level Agreement, outlining its commitment to investigate and report alarms within an agreed timeframe.


What does an MDR service cost?


The high-level of upfront investment needed to set up an equivalent capability in-house makes an MDR subscription a highly affordable option for businesses of all sizes. By removing the need to recruit and train a team of security specialists, deploy and manage a range of technologies, plus run a 24/7 monitoring operation, MDR offers businesses significant financial savings.

The cost of an annual Managed Detection and Response subscription varies on factors such as the type and number of technologies being deployed, the number of network assets and endpoints to be monitored. For a typical small or medium-sized business requiring nonstop security monitoring, the price can easily be less than £57,706 – the average IT Security Worker’s salary.


About Redscan


Redscan provides managed security services that protect organisations against cybercrime.  ThreatDetect™, our flagship and award-winning MDR service, integrates offensive and defensive security experts, advanced detection and deception technologies, and latest in-house and external intelligence to hunt for, monitor and help respond to threats across networks and endpoints, 24/7.

Learn more about ThreatDetect


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