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Great content can be found in all corners of the Internet, but this doesn’t mean all content should necessarily be accessible at work. Sites with a wealth of content such as YouTube can enhance workplace training, as well as it can detract from productivity. Normally for staff to access blocked content, they must contact the IT department and request an exemption for either a specific user or an entire site. This process takes time and places a burden on IT.  Secure Override places the ability to control and monitor content in employee hands. Staff can request a token to access otherwise blocked pages. Tokens can be generated for specific users, departments or meeting rooms, along with a defined time duration for the elevated access. Redscan’s Secure Override provides logging for each token used and the sites accessed through its duration. Certain categories (defined by your policy) cannot be over-ridden by staff. Administrators are able to view sites accessed down to a user level to ensure privileges are not being abused for each token that has been created. Take, for example, a training manager for a logistics company who would like staff to access workplace safety videos from YouTube. The site is normally blocked by the company’s content policy as it falls inside the Entertainment category.  At the start of the training session the manager logs onto the Redscan Secure Override portal and generates an access token valid for 2 hours. The portal displays a unique 7 digit PIN which the manager can share with staff. Now for the remainder of the traning session, when staff log onto the Internet, they will be able to access the normally blocked site.

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