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As the cyber threats targeting your business continue to evolve, traditional, signature-based security technologies are now unable to provide a sufficient level of defence.


To maximise cyber security, organisations of all sizes require the capability to monitor their networks to identify malicious threats and mitigate breaches before they cause severe damage.


What is SIEM?


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a set of threat detection technologies that work in tandem to provide organisations with a holistic view of their cyber security status.

This is achieved through the collection and correlation of log data from a range of sources to detect anomalous activity and generate alerts for investigation. Typically, logs are collected from firewalls and antivirus, endpoint security, IDS as well as network infrastructure such as servers and wireless access points.

SIEM combines the event monitoring, correlation and notification capabilities of security event management (SEM) with the analysis, retention and reporting functions of security information management (SIM).


How does it help improve security?


SIEM technology enables organisations to rapidly detect network threats and identify breaches. This makes it a powerful tool for facilitating swift incident response

By monitoring for signs of anomalous activity, SIEM technology can help to achieve the level of cyber security needed to support compliance with regulations and standards such as PCI-DSS, GPG13 and the GDPR.


Challenges of everyday SIEM management


Despite its unquestionable value in detecting complex cyber threats, SIEM systems can, if not deployed and maintained properly, generate a vast number of alarms. For organisations lacking IT resources and dedicated security personnel, trawling through alerts to distinguish genuine security issues from false positives can be hugely complex and time-consuming.

Did you know: a Fortune 500 enterprise’s infrastructure can generate 10 Terabytes of plain text log data per month.

Even when genuine threats are identified, knowing how to respond to them can be similarly challenging. Many organisations looking to implement SIEM often do so with a degree of urgency, but due to lack of in-house skills and understanding are unable to fully realise the power of the technology.


The benefits of a Managed SIEM service


Increasingly, organisations are waking up to the fact that they cannot achieve the benefits they intend from SIEM without the help of dedicated security experts who fully understand the latest technology at their disposal as well as the tactics, techniques and procedures of the modern cybercriminal.

Outsourcing SIEM requirements to a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) capable of undertaking full system deployment and maintenance proactive monitoring and investigation of alerts, plus regular system tuning, enables organisation to achieve comprehensive SIEM protection at the fraction of the cost of the equivalent in-house investment. Acting as an extension of in-house resources, an MSSP can provide the 24/7 support and extensive capabilities needed to swiftly detect, investigate and respond to diverse threats.


Why choose ThreatDetect from Redscan?


ThreatDetect™ is an award-winning and low-cost monthly service that combines latest security technology, certified security personnel and the latest threat intelligence to provide complete managed detection and response capabilities.

Supporting and managing SIEM and other best-in-class security technologies including intrusion detection, endpoint detection, vulnerability scanning and behavioural analytics  ThreatDetect helps organisations make the most from security investments to achieve a heightened level of cyber security.



About the author

The Redscan Marketing team, now part of Kroll's Cyber Risk practice.