Our core Services

Red Team Operations

Simulate a real-world cyber-attack on your business.  With a coordinated Red Team Operation, we replicate modern adversarial techniques to test your resilience and response capabilities to a sophisticated and targeted attack.

Penetration Testing

CREST-approved, fully customisable security pen testing engagements to help identify vulnerabilities and exposures in your infrastructure, applications, people and processes

Social Engineering

Evaluate how your employees would react to social engineering attempts by using real-world approaches that leverage open-source intelligence gathering techniques.

Vulnerability Assessment

Improve the effectiveness of your security management programmes by identifying weaknesses in your infrastructure, prioritising remediation and efficiently allocating resources.

Virtual CISO

Redscan’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service enables your organisation to call upon a highly-qualified and experienced security professional as and when required.

Detect & Respond
Managed Detection & Response

ThreatDetect™ from Redscan is an award-winning managed detection and response (MDR) service offering businesses of all sizes enterprise-grade security against cyber threats.

Cyber Incident Response

We provide the essential support needed to manage a cyber-breach. Our experts can advise you of the impact to your business and help you develop effective incident response plans.


To support General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, Redscan’s cyber security solutions help organisations to safeguard personal data by identifying vulnerabilities, proactively monitoring threats and supporting swift threat remediation and incident reporting.

PCI DSS Compliance

We reduce the cost and complexity of meeting the lengthy list of requirements that affect any organisation needing to process, transmit or store credit and debit card payment information.

Cyber Essentials

As an approved Cyber Essentials certification body, Redscan offers organisations the in-depth security knowledge and assessment services required to obtain Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

Industry Solutions
Financial Services

Financial institutions hold vast quantities of high value digital information which is constantly under threat from cyber attack. In the face of this threat, it is vital that they make the right security investments.

Professional Services

With large scale corporate cyber breaches on law and accountancy firms hitting the headlines, these organisations are right to be concerned, but they must ensure security investments are working effectively.


Universities and colleges collect vast quantities of confidential information, and they must ensure they have the the right defences in place to detect cyber attacks before they cause substantial financial and reputational damage.


Organisations in the healthcare sector are frequently targeted by cybercriminals and it is essential they have the defences in place to protect the wealth of confidential information they process.

Retail and eCommerce

The rapid growth of online sales and multitude of compliance requirements has created a growing range of security challenges for any organisation that sells it products or services online. Protecting customers must be a priority.