Detect & Respond

Identifying early sign of attack is crucial

A determined hacker will break through even the most resolute security defences. Being able to quickly spot an attack before it compromises critical assets could be the difference between deterrence and disaster.


ThreatDetect, Redscan’s managed threat detection and response service provides the around the clock protection needed to shield against the latest attacks. Integrating cutting-edge event monitoring and intrusion detection systems with expert human analysis, our 24/7 Security Operations Centre-as-a-service proactively monitors your network infrastructure and assets for sign of attack and provides the tools and advice needed to respond effectively and rapidly should a breach occur.


In addition to monitoring on-premise infrastructure, ThreatDetect supports public and private cloud-based plus virtual and hybrid environments. Find out more about our cloud security management and monitoring services.

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Managed Detection & Response

ThreatDetect™ from Redscan is an award-winning managed detection and response (MDR) service offering businesses of all sizes enterprise-grade security against cyber threats.

Cyber Incident Response

We provide the essential support needed to manage a cyber-breach. Our experts can advise you of the impact to your business and help you develop effective incident response plans.