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Redscan for Financial Services

Financial institutions hold vast quantities of high value digital information which is constantly under threat from cyber attack. In the face of this threat, it is vital that they make the right security investments.

Redscan's cyber security for financial services allow organisations, including banks and asset managers, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the threats facing their business, the steps needed to improve their security posture and the actions they must take in the event of a breach.

Your challenges

High-value information

Banks, hedge funds, alternative investment, wealth management, corporate finance, and private equity firms hold high value digital information. This can include client data, banking records, proprietary research, transaction information, trading algorithms, and trading strategies. Corporate finance firms also share market sensitive data with business partners during merger and acquisition transactions.

A constant threat

This valuable information is under threat from cyber criminals and hacktivists, who are increasingly targeted and well-funded. A successful attack can ruin a firm’s reputation, cause financial losses, compromise intellectual property, and result in legal action. Financial services cyber security must be robust and advanced to avoid these scenarios.

A growing concern

Many financial firms are not suitably prepared to deal with the fast evolving nature of modern cyber-attacks. Their attack surface has grown through the increased use of mobile devices, cloud services, web services and IT infrastructure outsourcing agreements. And although many firms implement traditional IT security defences that include firewalls, next generation firewalls, intrusion prevention, anti-virus and anti-spam – today’s attackers are able to easily evade these systems.

External pressures

There is also increased pressure from investors, trading partners and regulators for firms to improve financial services cyber security policies and implement proven information security risk management practices that include incident response plans.

Our services

Managed Detection and Response

Proactively detect and respond to cyber breaches. This is a hassle-free, easy to deploy service that combines people, process and technology for a low cost monthly fee.

Red Team Operations

Simulate a real-world cyber-attack to identify the weaknesses an attacker could exploit, the value of data they could exfiltrate, how security investments and resources cope with a real-world attack, and improve preparedness.

Penetration Testing

Our CREST-approved, fully customisable engagements enable you to identify vulnerabilities and exposures in your infrastructure, applications, people and processes to more effectively manage your information security risk.

Why Redscan?

Effective information security risk management requires correct governance, management and culture throughout the business. This means ensuring that key information risks are both assessed and prioritised, and that there is regular monitoring where threats and vulnerabilities are constantly changing.

Working with Redscan means arming your business to combat cyber threats. We think like the adversary to help our customers assess their security posture, detect and respond to cyber threats and comply with increasingly stringent compliance demands. By choosing Redscan as your security partner, you will gain visibility of your cyber risk, confidence in your security posture and resilience in the event of a breach.

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