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Redscan for Retail and eCommerce

The rapid growth of online sales and multitude of compliance requirements has created a growing range of security challenges for many organisations. At Redscan we provide cyber security for retail and ecommerce firms that helps organisations protect themselves and their customers, as well as meet regulations and standards including PCI DSS, ISO and Cyber Essentials.

Your challenges

Rapid change

Over the last few years Retail organisations have experienced extremely rapid growth in online sales and as a result face a wide and growing range of security challenges. Cyber security for retail and eCommerce organisations is therefore complex and requires robust solutions.


As well as needing to protect their eCommerce applications and back office systems, retailers also need to comply with the payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS) designed to protect cardholder systems and data from online attack.

Forced adaptation

With the rapid expansion in online sales many retailers have been forced to rapidly adapt their operations to include an eCommerce offering for their customers without necessarily taking the time to ensure all security issues have been fully considered before launch. With speed being the critical factor, some sites have been launched with limited testing and inherent vulnerabilities that hackers have been quick to target. The potential costs of not securing their systems could be enormous from lawsuits, notification expenses, to customer losses due to reputation damage.

Our services

Managed Detection and Response

Proactively detect and respond to cyber breaches. This is a hassle-free, easy to deploy service that combines people, process and technology for a low cost monthly fee.

Red Team Operations

Simulate a real-world cyber-attack to identify the weaknesses an attacker could exploit, the value of data they could exfiltrate, how security investments and resources cope with a real-world attack, and improve preparedness.

Penetration Testing

Our CREST-approved, fully customisable engagements enable you to identify vulnerabilities and exposures in your infrastructure, applications, people and processes to more effectively manage your information security risk.

Why Redscan?

Organisations involved in retail and ecommerce need experienced and certified PCI implementers to take them through the process of setting their infrastructure and processes to be ready for assessment. With over 12 years’ experience in delivering managed security solutions, Redscan can help you ensure you effectively manage you information security risk. From PCI DSS compliance through to 24/7 real time monitoring, we provide the people, process and technology needed to meet the cyber security challenges that all Retailers face.

What our customers say


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