6 February 2020

The UK’s National Crime Agency has made three arrests over a cyber heist at Malta’s Bank of Valletta last year that shut down all Internet access, including branches …

30 January 2020

A proposal for a new IoT UK law requires internet-connected device passwords to be unique and that IoT device manufacturers must provide a minimum period of security updates.

23 January 2020

Jeff Bezos is alleged to have had his personal phone hacked via a video file from the WhatsApp account of a Saudi crown prince.

13 January 2020

The national oil company of the Arabian Gulf island nation of Bahrain has been reportedly hit by a disk wiper attack in an alleged nation-state attack.

2 January 2020

A hacker from North London has been given 300 hours of unpaid work and a six-month electronic curfew for threatening to reset 319 million iCloud accounts.

19 December 2019

Data ransomers have created a public website to expose data and named recent victim companies that chose to rebuild their operations instead of paying up.

11 December 2019

The Microsoft threat research team has discovered 44 million compromised Azure AD and Microsoft Services Accounts in the three billion leaked credentials available online.

6 December 2019

US authorities have filed charges against two Russian nationals alleged to be running a global cyber crime organisation named Evil Corp.

28 November 2019

New research indicates a rising threat is coming from new super-stealthy exploit kits, especially in browser-based drive-by attacks.

20 November 2019

US retailer hit by a Magecart data breach as malicious scripts steal payment information of customers.