19 February 2020

New email-based extortion scheme demands bitcoins from website owners who serve banner ads through Google’s AdSense programme.

6 February 2020

A new hotline for businesses hit by cyber-crime is to be launched by March 2021 by the UK’s cyber security lead organisation, the NCSC.

30 January 2020

Two different vulnerabilities have been identified that enable Direct Memory Access (DMA) attacks to read & write memory off a victim’s system directly.

23 January 2020

The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has announced that its network has been subject to unauthorised access by third parties, possibly Chinese hackers.

13 January 2020

Reports are showing that cyber-attacks on British businesses have more than double in 2019 with UK businesses facing more than one attack per minute.

2 January 2020

A new report covering Europe and North America has shown that cross-site scripting, or XSS, has proved to be the most popular cyber security attack vector in 2019, …

19 December 2019

Millions of business users could potentially be impacted by two new vulnerabilities affecting pre-installed or bundled software on Asus and Acer PCs.

11 December 2019

Security researchers have warned that a newly-discovered vulnerability in Unix systems may allow attackers to compromise VPN security in Linux, Android and MacOS.

6 December 2019

Security researchers have observed a growth in successful exploitation that involves modifying victims’ Outlook client homepages for code execution and persistence.

28 November 2019

The data of 1.2 billion people has been discovered on an unsecured Elasticsearch server including names, email addresses, phone numbers and social media profile information.