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Securing a hospitality company’s continued global expansion

A hospitality company wanted to improve its security maturity to support its global expansion, protect its reputation and demonstrate compliance.

By choosing Redscan’s award-winning Managed Detection and Response service, the business has been able to successfully enhance security visibility across its hybrid infrastructure and respond to threats more swiftly than ever before.

Case Study - Hospitality Company

The Challenge


  • Large and distributed IT estate
  • Legacy infrastructure and POS systems
  • Limited internal security resources

A hospitality company had ambitious growth plans and wanted to ensure that its security strategy was aligned with its goal of becoming a leader in its sector.

With a global reach, the company had a number of complex security challenges. A security audit commissioned by its in-house security team identified potential improvements in several areas, including a need for proactive network monitoring to help reduce the time to detect and respond to threats across its infrastructure.

The company’s hybrid environment included specialist point of sales (POS) systems and a set of on-premises legacy IT systems. However, it had limited resources in-house to meet its need to conduct security monitoring and analysis 24/7/365. This challenge was exacerbated by the complexity of coordinating its cyber security functions globally, as well as the decision to refresh its infrastructure and services as part of a multi-year IT strategy.

“Redscan’s security experts work hand in hand with our in-house team, providing us with the insights we need to identify and eliminate threats across our environment 24/7.
IT Security & Infrastructure Director

The Solution

The company wanted to move quickly to respond to the findings of the security audit that it had commissioned. It was in the process of putting together a new internal security team to address its requirements but needed an agile security partner to provide additional support.

To identify a suitable partner, the company conducted an extensive request for proposal (RFP) and after evaluating a number of managed security providers, it identified Redscan as the best choice for its needs.

The business recognised that Redscan’s award-winning Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service would provide the support and expertise it needed to hunt for and help shut down cyber threats, 24/7.

Combining experienced security personnel, leading network and endpoint detection technologies and up-to-the minute threat intelligence, our MDR service has significantly improved security visibility across the company’s hybrid infrastructure and reduced its mean time to detect and mean time to respond to threats.

The company’s IT Security & Infrastructure Director says:

“Maturing our security posture is vital to maintaining our global reputation. By working with Redscan, we have significantly improved our operational resilience, including our ability to swiftly detect and respond to threats.

“Redscan’s security experts work hand in hand with our in-house team, providing us with the insights we need to identify and eliminate threats across our environment 24/7. We see our partnership with Redscan as key to supporting our security and business objectives.”

The Results

Improved resilience
Working in partnership with Redscan is enabling the business to continually protect its infrastructure and progress with its strategy of expansion and goal of pursuing its objective to be a leader in its sector.
Proactive threat monitoring
While the company previously did not have any out-of-hours security support, it now has around-the-clock threat monitoring analysis, notification and hunting through Redscan’s dedicated 24/7/365 UK-based Security Operations Centre (SOC). This ensures that it is much more resilient and better set up to respond effectively to cyber threats.
Scaled up security capabilities
As a turnkey security service, MDR has ensured the company was able to quickly scale up its security capabilities and start protecting key infrastructure and assets.
Supplementary security expertise
Redscan’s team works in partnership with the company’s security team, with regular updates and input from a dedicated Redscan Technical Account Manager. By strengthening its strategic outlook through enhanced working methods, Redscan has supported its ongoing success. Redscan provides an invaluable, extended cross-regional team.
Enhanced situational awareness
As well as the detailed and comprehensive security insights provided through Redscan’s CyberOps threat intelligence platform, the team receives a monthly service report. These reports enable stakeholders to enhance their situational awareness, as well as tracking the performance and value of the service. The team also benefits from regular service reviews to help identify ways to enhance its security posture even further.
Improved compliance
The company’s requirement for data portability across its operations presents a number of compliance challenges. Working with Redscan has helped it to better meet the requirements of the latest information security regulations and standards, including SOC2, GDPR, PCI DSS and ISO 27001.