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Data protection officer as-a-service

If, like many others, your organisation is subject to the GDPR or DPA 2018, appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is of paramount importance. Likewise, if you are located in the US and are required to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), you’ll need to appoint an individual to act as a privacy and security officer.

For many businesses, an individual with the required skills and experience to perform these duties simply doesn’t exist in-house. The scope of duties and responsibilities required are likely to exceed what a single individual can fulfil, even for those that do employ one.

In partnership with leading data privacy law firms, Kroll provides an outsourced DPO service to help organisations meet and maintain the standards required for GDPR, DPA and HIPAA compliance, as well as a wide range of other compliance requirements.


DPO consultancy services on demand

Kroll’s global team of technical and legal experts are well versed in helping organisations set up and maintain a compliant DPO program as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We take a strategic approach that aligns technological and operational decision-making with best practices for cyber security and data privacy.

DPO as a service can help organisations significantly improve cyber resilience, whatever their location, size or sector, and whatever mandates they need to comply with.

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How we can help

How DPO as a service can help

Training employees on their data privacy obligations
Recommending assessment plans to identify gaps
Managing documentation and maintaining audit trails
Informing and advising about data processing risks
Creating an operational roadmap and maturity model
Developing data protection impact assessments
Maintaining data processing records
Identifying information assets and process flows
Advising when mitigating actions are required

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Why choose us?

Why use Kroll’s DPO service?

By commissioning a DPO service from Kroll, you’ll be tapping into a wealth of experience from a team of certified experts that help thousands of organisations meet their security, risk and regulatory challenges every year.

Many of our cyber professionals bring years of unique experience from their former service with law enforcement, regulatory and investigatory agencies across the world.

You can call on our DPO consultancy experts as and when you need them, and you’ll gain access to Kroll’s unrivalled end-to-end cyber risk services portfolio.

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Breach notification

Breach notification services

If the multitude of breach notification requirements your organisation is subject to feels daunting, you’re far from alone. Kroll is a global leader in breach notification services, and our experts are here to help you with end-to-end breach solutions, from proactive preparation to crisis management.

We closely track the evolution of data privacy requirements across the globe and are continually developing our capabilities to meet the changing regulatory landscape and help businesses support them in multiple jurisdictions.

About Us

Why choose Kroll?

  • Flexible, on-demand services
  • Recognised by CREST and the PCI Council
  • Global team of cyber risk experts
  • >3,200 security incidents responded to every year

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