Your security challenges

Flexible cyber security solutions to address your challenges

From mitigating the risk of a cyber-attacks to achieving compliance with industry regulations, every organisation faces a growing range of cyber security challenges.


Whatever your organisation’s challenges, learn how Redscan’s experts can help to address them swiftly, affordably and hassle-free.

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Mitigating Cyber Security Risk

With cybercriminals constantly gaining in sophistication, mitigating cyber security risk is a huge challenge requiring rapid threat detection and incident response capabilities.

Identifying and responding to threats

Knowing when your organisation is under attack from cybercriminals is important to help prevent financial and reputational damage, so the ability to swiftly identify and shut down malicious threats is vital.

Testing cyber defences and preparedness

Understanding if your cyber security is capable of standing up to the latest threats is pivotal to effective risk mitigation, so penetration testing and red teaming can be hugely valuable for any organisation.

Cloud Security Management and Monitoring

If your organisation is currently operating in the cloud or considering following the lead of many other businesses in doing so, it’s essential to ensure that your critical assets are well protected.

Investigating and resolving breaches

To minimise the risk of attacks and limit the vast damage and disruption they can cause, having the ability to rapidly respond to breaches is essential.

Protecting against malware

Malware, in its many forms, is an increasing threat to your business’ cyber security. It is important to have controls in place to detect and respond to related attacks before they can cause significant damage.

Preparing your cyber security for GDPR compliance

All organisations operating within the EU that process any form of personal data must comply with the EU’s far-reaching data security and breach reporting requirements, or risk a significant fine.