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Expert 24/7 assistance if and when you need it

When an organisation is affected by a cyber security breach, a clear understanding of the situation is needed to take control and avoid panic measures that could inflame the situation.

Redscan’s CREST-accredited Cyber Incident Response service is designed to help businesses manage critical security events. Our experienced Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) is skilled at mitigating the damaging effects of cyber-attacks, investigating how they occurred and providing swift, clear remediation advice.


Cyber Incident Response service features

No business is immune to cyber incidents. Get the support your organisation needs to minimise the risk of breaches but also to respond swiftly and effectively if and when they do occur.

24/7 support and assistance

Should the worst happen, our experienced cyber incident responders are on hand to help minimise potential damage and disruption.

Forensic investigation

We utilise the latest digital forensic techniques to analyse the kill chain of attacks and identify whether systems and data have been compromised.

Detailed incident reporting

Our experts can help to communicate the effects of a breach to stakeholders and recommend short and long-term actions to ensure attacks don’t happen again.

Help implementing security policy

Our CREST CSIR specialists can help you to build and implement a robust incident response plan as well as conduct table-top exercises, such as Scenario-based Assessments and Red Team Operations, to test it.

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IR Support

The support to handle security incidents, whatever the scale

Redscan’s CREST CSIR-qualified security professionals have the expertise to investigate cyber incidents of all types – from low-level IT security events to highly targeted attacks.

Utilising the latest digital forensics, we investigate how breaches occurred and unravel attacker movements to identify the true extent of attacks. To help restore operations quickly and effectively, we offer actionable remediation advice and on-site support.


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  • A leading UK-based MDR company
  • Red and blue team CREST CSOC expertise
  • High-quality intelligence and actionable outcomes
  • Quick and hassle-free service deployment
  • An agnostic approach to technology selection
  • Avg. >9/10 customer satisfaction, 95% retention rate

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27th January 2021
Fraud reaching epidemic levels in UK, new report says
A new report has stated that fraud is now at epidemic levels in the UK and it should be recognised as a national security issue. This is due to the high levels of credit card, identity and cyber-fraud which costs up to £190bn a year.  
26th January 2021
Active NHS COVID-19 vaccination phishing attack underway
A phishing campaign pretending to be from the NHS is currently active. The phishing emails purport to alert recipients they are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  
22nd January 2021
Redscan in the News: BBC coverage
Some of the laptops given out to vulnerable children to support home working in the UK have been found to contain Gamarue malware. Read more on this story in BBC News, including comments from Head of Threat Intelligence George Glass.
18th January 2021
Ransomware attacks to blame for half of healthcare data breaches
New research shows almost half of all data breaches in hospitals and the healthcare sector are due to ransomware attacks in which a 'double extortion' method is used.