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Improve your cloud security with our managed cloud security service

If your organisation is using cloud-hosted infrastructure and applications or considering doing so, it’s essential to ensure that critical assets are protected.

New security tools for organisations with cloud, virtual and hybrid network environments are on the rise to help detect and respond to cyber-attacks. However, just like solutions for on-premise monitoring, these require appropriate skills and resources to be effectively installed, managed and monitored.

A managed cloud security service removes these challenges, enabling your in-house team to focus on other security priorities rather than day-to-day threat detection.


Key features of our hybrid cloud security solutions

24/7 threat monitoring
Redscan’s CREST accredited Security Operations Centre (SOC) is staffed around-the-clock by experienced security professionals. Our analysts and engineers monitor your cloud security 24/7 to identify genuine incidents and provide the actionable guidance needed to remediate them.
Best-in-class detection tools
An agnostic approach to technology selection means Kroll Responder supplies the cloud detection tools that deliver the best security outcomes for your organisation.
Accelerated incident response
To facilitate incident response, Kroll Responder includes actionable remediation guidance, automated ‘events-based’ playbooks, and optional on-site support for priority incidents.
Actionable mitigation guidance
Once a threat has been detected, Redscan SOC analysts facilitate rapid incident response by providing the remediation guidance your in-house teams needs to respond swiftly and effectively.
Cloud security experts
If you’re considering moving your infrastructure to the cloud, you can rely on our managed cloud security service to support you every step of the way. Our experts are on hand to help ensure that your transition is as secure as possible.
Rapid service deployment
Elevate cloud security in just a matter of weeks. Through a highly efficient service on-boarding and tuning process, Kroll Responder can be up and running in no time and easily scale in line with operational needs.


Threat detection and incident
response in the cloud

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Why Redscan?

Your trusted partner for cloud security management and monitoring

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  • A leading UK-based MDR company
  • Rated 9/10 for overall customer satisfaction
  • Red and Blue team CREST SOC expertise
  • An outcome focussed approach
  • Quick and hassle-free deployment
  • Technology agnostic


Frequently asked questions
about cloud security

What is cloud security and why is it required?

Cloud security is the implementation of security controls needed to protect confidential information stored within cloud environments and reduce the risk of data breaches.

Cloud computing brings with it a range of benefits including efficiency, scalability and cost savings, but organisations moving IT infrastructure into the cloud cannot afford to ignore the associated security risks.

How does cloud security work?

Cloud security works by combining a range of security controls to harden network defences, improve security hygiene, enhance network visibility and facilitate the rapid detection, response to and remediation of threats and breaches.

What are the security risks of cloud computing?

As more and more critical systems and data is moved to the cloud, environments such as AWS, Azure and GCP become an increasingly attractive target for cybercriminals.

Cloud data breaches are one of the most widespread cloud computing security concerns. Unsecured cloud services can be compromised by cybercriminals, who may access modify, steal or amend confidential information. Other threats to cloud computing include ransomware and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, which shut down cloud services by flooding them with network traffic.

Private cloud offers more control over security than public cloud, as it is run out of a company’s own datacentre, rather than storing data alongside that of other customers.

Is cloud storage secure?

Most cloud services encode data in an encrypted form. Without a user’s specific decryption key, which is typically stored by the service provider and activated via login credentials, data is not readable. This offers a crucial layer of security, but it is not a silver bullet – keys can be stolen or misused and software flaws can leave user data vulnerable.

Most cloud service providers also have their own basic security functionality designed to help organisations combat the most common threats, but users of cloud computing have a responsibility to consider implementing additional security controls.

Just like with on-premise infrastructure, organisations cannot afford to focus solely on building security at the network perimeter – having visibility of network activity and the ability to detect and respond to threats is vital.

What is shared responsibility in cloud computing?

Cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform have their own shared responsibility models which state, in the simplest terms, that while the cloud provider is responsible for the security of the cloud, customers are responsible for the security of the data and applications they upload to it.

This means that each cloud provider will manage security controls across its host operating system and virtualisation layer, as well as managing the physical security of its data centres. Customers are responsible for identity and access management, patch management, firewall configuration and other network security measures.


Other security challenges

What our customers say

5/5 - based on 19 Reviews
"We’re very pleased with the service we receiveAcross the whole service, whether it’s the SOC or the technical account management team, Redscan looks after us very well.”
IT Director
Asset Management Firm
“Thanks to Redscan, we’re in an infinitely better place now. We have got more visibility than we ever had, and critically, in all the right places. I can now sleep easy knowing that Redscan’s expertise is protecting our business.”
Head of Technology & Cybersecurity
Housebuilding Company
“If you want a solution where someone will look after you 24/7 and give you a very flexible, professional and agile service - you want Redscan.”
Lead IT Infrastructure Architect
Global Restaurant Chain
“With so much organisational change, this is a time of incredible pressure on our small team. Partnering with Redscan is making it easier for us to address the security challenges of business consolidation.”
Head of IT Security
Global Plastics Manufacturer
“The penetration testing that Redscan performed provided some very credible findings and outlined clear improvements that we were able to implement. The whole process raised the bar of our cyber security defences.”
Head of Cyber Security
Specialist Bank
“Redscan staff are always on hand to provide swift, clear advice. They help us keep a constant eye on our network and respond quickly to incidents to ensure systems remain operational.”
IT Director
Private Hospital
“I can offer a higher level of assurance at board level about our information security now. Redscan gives us a broader lens on a complex and changing environment.”
IT Director
Global Asset Manager
“We now know we’ve got eyes on our critical assets and that those events are being looked at, scrutinised, triaged and qualified as legitimate or false positives. That is night and day in contrast with where we were before our relationship with Redscan.”
Head of Technology & Cybersecurity
Housebuilding Company
"Redscan's cost effective service gives us peace of mind that we are doing all we can to protect our clients, our business, our staff, our counterparties and other partners."
Head of IT Infrastructure
Asset Management Firm
“Faster incident alerting enables us to better understand what is going on in our network and react more quickly. From an advice side of things, it’s great to be able to talk to knowledgeable people and discuss solutions to help mitigate our security risks.”
Head of IT Security
Global Plastics Manufacturer
“With Redscan, we are able to understand and quickly identify any threats. Redscan’s support gives us the freedom to feel more secure and be more productive.”  
Head of IT
Global Shipping Company
“Redscan’s hands on approach identified security flaws that had previously been overlooked by other vendors.”  
Technical Operations Manager
Spread Betting Firm
“By working in partnership with Redscan, we have significantly improved our operational resilience.”  
Head of Cyber Security
Specialist bank
“Thanks to Redscan we now have a solution that gives us the ability to monitor, isolate and eliminate threats across our IT infrastructure.”
Head of IT
Private Hospital
"Should I need any security testing again in the future, Redscan would be my first port of call!"
Project Analyst/Developer
Life Insurance Provider
“We have been very impressed by the quality of Redscan’s engagement, communication and reporting. We will not hesitate to use them for any future testing requirements.”      
Information Security Officer
Investment Advisory
“The personal approach is something I noticed from my first engagement with Redscan and it is still true today. We have 30 locations worldwide and it is valuable to have a third party being proactive in identifying potential security issues.”
Head of IT
Global Shipping Company
“Services like these are few and far between.”
Head of IT Infrastructure
Asset Management Firm
“I value the fact that Redscan aggregates insight about the cyber-attacks it sees on other customers and retrospectively applies it to other organisations, so we all benefit from that knowledge.”  
Head of Cyber Security
Specialist bank

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