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Cyber Security in Fintech

As a leader in the fintech space, you will be well aware of the technology-driven innovation that is continuing to transform the financial services sector. Indeed, fintech is disrupting all sectors of the industry, from banking and payments to asset management and insurance.

With more consumers and organisations embracing digital transformation, more data than ever becomes accessible in digital formats and this creates new security challenges for the fintech sector. Protecting confidential information, including personal and financial data is of paramount importance to your continued success.

Fintech security challenges

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Safeguarding personal and financial data
Balancing cyber security and ease of data sharing
Overcoming data ownership issues
Avoiding insecure coding practices in development
Detecting and responding to malware
Meeting compliance requirements
of top fintechs vulnerable to phishing
of mobile banking apps have high-risk vulnerabilities
of banking CEOs concerned about pace of change

Key questions

Key security questions you need to ask

  • Are Secure by Design principles being followed?
  • How often are web and mobile applications tested for vulnerabilities?
  • How is critical personal and financial data being protected?
  • Are suitable controls in place to detect and respond to threats?
  • How will services be affected in the event of a cyber breach?
  • Is payment processing PCI DSS compliant?


Cyber security compliance for fintechs

A montage of compliance related security images

As achieving compliance with information security regulations and standards becomes ever more demanding, particularly for startups and smaller organisations without an in-house security team, Redscan is ideally placed to help you meet your responsibilities.

With years of experience working with fintechs, including payments, insurance, lending, blockchain and investment management companies, our specialists understand the security challenges your organisation faces.

Our expertise includes helping firms to meet the data and information security standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority, GDPR, Payment Services Directive, SWIFT CSP and PCI DSS.

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Fintech security assessments

Application security testing

If your organisation is responsible for developing fintech software and applications, security testing is of paramount importance. Security testing is mandated by several compliance standards, but it is also critical for helping you win customer confidence and protect your reputation.

As a CREST-accredited provider of security assessment services, including web application testing and mobile application testing, we can help you conduct tailored assessments to mitigate your unique security risks.

We work closely with our clients throughout the assessment process, from initial scoping of requirements through to reporting and remediation of vulnerabilities.

A range of security assessment services
ThreatDetect MDR

Security monitoring

Fintech security monitoring

Regardless of the size of your business, you are not immune to cyber-attacks. A persistent adversary is capable of breaching even the most sophisticated defences, and the sensitive data held by you and your customers could be an attractive target. It is essential to have the ability to detect and respond to threats, but building this capability in-house can be unrealistic for all but the largest enterprises.

ThreatDetect™ is an outcome-focused Managed Detection and Response service that supplies the people, technology and cyberoffensive intelligence required to proactively hunt for threats and shut them down before they cause damage and disruption to your business. ThreatDetect will help you to improve threat visibility, ease the pressure on in-house teams, accelerate incident response and facilitate regulatory compliance.

Our Services

Our award-winning services

Redscan’s security services are designed to provide the vital assistance needed to make tangible improvements to your organisation’s cyber security posture.

ThreatDetect MDR

Managed Detection and Response

Award-winning support to rapidly detect and respond to the latest threats 24/7

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Assessment Services

Specialist engagements to uncover and address hidden cyber security risks

Read more
A person choosing from a range of Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Expert help to manage and monitor your choice of security technologies

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What our customers say

5/5 - based on 16 Reviews
“With so much organisational change, this is a time of incredible pressure on our small team. Partnering with Redscan is making it easier for us to address the security challenges of business consolidation.”
Head of IT Security
IPL Plastics
“If you want a solution where someone will look after you 24/7 and give you a very flexible, professional and agile service - you want Redscan.”
Lead IT Infrastructure Architect
Pizza Hut Restaurants
“The penetration testing that Redscan performed provided some very credible findings and outlined clear improvements that we were able to implement. The whole process raised the bar of our cyber security defences.”
Head of Cyber Security
Specialist Bank
“Redscan staff are always on hand to provide swift, clear advice. They help us keep a constant eye on our network and respond quickly to incidents to ensure systems remain operational.”
IT Director
King Edward VII's Hospital
“I can offer a higher level of assurance at board level about our information security now. Redscan gives us a broader lens on a complex and changing environment.”
IT Director
"Redscan's cost effective service gives us peace of mind that we are doing all we can to protect our clients, our business, our staff, our counterparties and other partners."
Head of IT Infrastructure
TT International
“Faster incident alerting enables us to better understand what is going on in our network and react more quickly. From an advice side of things, it’s great to be able to talk to knowledgeable people and discuss solutions to help mitigate our security risks.”
Head of IT Security
IPL Plastics
“With Redscan, we are able to understand and quickly identify any threats. Redscan’s support gives us the freedom to feel more secure and be more productive.”  
Head of IT
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
“Redscan’s hands on approach identified security flaws that had previously been overlooked by other vendors.”  
Technical Operations Manager
Spread Betting Firm
“I definitely recommend ThreatDetect. It’s an incredible managed security service. By working in partnership with Redscan, we have significantly improved our operational resilience.”  
Head of Cyber Security
Specialist bank
“Thanks to Redscan we now have a solution that gives us the ability to monitor, isolate and eliminate threats across our IT infrastructure.”
Head of IT
King Edward VII's Hospital
"Should I need any security testing again in the future, Redscan would be my first port of call!"
Project Analyst/Developer
STM Life
“We have been very impressed by the quality of Redscan’s engagement, communication and reporting. We will not hesitate to use them for any future testing requirements.”      
Information Security Officer
White Oak (formerly LDF)
“The personal approach is something I noticed from my first engagement with Redscan and it is still true today. We have 30 locations worldwide and it is valuable to have a third party being proactive in identifying potential security issues.”
Head of IT
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
“Services like ThreatDetect are few and far between.”
Head of IT Infrastructure
TT International
“I value the fact that Redscan aggregates insight about the cyber-attacks it sees on other customers and retrospectively applies it to other organisations, so we all benefit from that knowledge.”  
Head of Cyber Security
Specialist bank

About us

Why choose Redscan?

  • A leading UK-based MDR company
  • Red and blue team CREST CSOC expertise
  • High-quality intelligence and actionable outcomes
  • Quick and hassle-free service deployment
  • An agnostic approach to technology selection
  • Avg. >9/10 customer satisfaction, 95% retention rate

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