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Security Challenge

From mitigating the risk of a cyber-attacks to achieving compliance with industry regulations, every organisation faces a growing range of cyber security challenges. Whatever your organisation’s challenges, learn how Redscan’s cyber security solutions can help to address them swiftly, affordably and hassle-free.

Mitigating Cyber Security Risk

With cybercriminals constantly gaining in sophistication, mitigating cyber security risk is a huge challenge requiring rapid threat detection and incident response capabilities.

Identifying and Responding to Threats

Knowing when your organisation is under attack by hunting for and shutting down breaches is vital to help prevent financial and reputational damage.

Testing Cyber Security Readiness

Understanding if your cyber security is capable of standing up to the latest threats is pivotal to effective risk mitigation, so penetration testing and red teaming can be hugely valuable for any organisation.

Managing Cloud Security

If your organisation is currently operating in the cloud or considering following the lead of many other businesses in doing so, it’s essential to ensure that your critical assets are well protected.

Investigating & Reporting Data Breaches

To minimise the risk of attacks and limit the vast damage and disruption they can cause, having the ability to rapidly respond to breaches is essential.

Protecting Against Malware

Malware, in its many forms, is an increasing threat to your business’ cyber security. It is important to have controls in place to detect and respond to related attacks before they can cause significant damage.

Tackling Phishing and BEC Attacks

Phishing attacks target organisations of all sizes and are becoming increasingly prevalent, sophisticated, convincing and costly, so defending against them must be a priority.

Defending Against Insider Threats

Whether acting out of malice or negligence, insider threats pose a significant risk to all organisations, and not enough are allocating sufficient resources to mitigate the risk.

Achieving GDPR compliance

Discover how Redscan’s services can help your organisation to achieve hassle-free compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation’s cyber security requirements.

Securing remote workers

Not only does the shift to remote working increase your attack surface, it also renders traditional network controls ineffective. Learn how to embrace the benefits of home working without negatively impacting cyber security.



Education providers are under pressure to act effectively against cyber threats and an experienced security partner can ensure they can defend themselves effectively.


The energy sector is a an attractive target of cybercriminals, so ensuring that high quality processes and systems are in place is essential.


Financial institutions hold vast quantities of high value data, making them a primary target for cyber-attackers. In the face of this threat and under increasing pressure from regulators, investing in the right security solution is vital.


With more consumers and organisations embracing digital transformation, more data than ever becomes accessible in digital formats and this creates new security challenges for organisations in the fintech sector.


To avoid a potentially devastating impact on public services and state security, local and central government must ensure that they have the right cyber security controls and procedures in place.


With many healthcare providers falling victim to cyber attacks, it is essential to take action to protect health records, detect and respond to the latest threats and prevent the disruption of critical health services.


With large-scale attacks impacting law firms, barristers’ chambers and other professional services firms, organisations in this sector must identify the best security partner to protect themselves and their clients.


The manufacturing sector is highly vulnerable to cybercrime, but the right support can help to significantly reduce the risk of attacks disrupting critical business operations.


As a digital-centric industry, the media is vulnerable to cyber-attacks, making it essential to work with a partner with proven expertise in the security sector.


A rise in the number of cyber-attacks targeting nonprofits means charities, foundations and trade bodies need to maintain public trust by strengthening cyber resilience.


While the security challenges facing the property sector are varied and complex, high-quality security expertise can help reduce the risk of financial, operational and reputational damage.


As cyber-attacks on retailers increase, it is vital for companies operating in this sector to take a proactive and informed approach towards protecting themselves and their customers.


Organisations in every industry sector use technology to improve efficiency and drive innovation and profitability, but the sheer pace of change can often lead to serious security considerations being overlooked.


With cyber threats are now a significant challenge for all types of transportation companies, a security strategy that incorporates the best of human and machine intelligence can help to mitigate the many risks.


In today’s fiercely competitive and regulated business landscape, organisations have a responsibility to show that they are dedicated to proactive protection of sensitive data relating to their customers, clients and partners.

Organisations that fail to take cyber threats seriously risk customer churn, missing out on business deals, reputational damage, or significant regulatory sanctions.

A montage of compliance related security images


To support General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, Redscan’s cyber security solutions help organisations to safeguard personal data by identifying vulnerabilities, proactively monitoring threats and supporting swift threat remediation and incident reporting.

Data Protection Act 2018

Redscan’s services also help organisations to comply with the DPA 2018 – the governing UK legislation designed to implement data protection standards to the level necessitated by the GDPR.


We reduce the cost and complexity of meeting the lengthy list of requirements that affect any organisation needing to process, transmit or store credit and debit card payment information.

ISO 27001

Learn how our security services are helping organisation to assess and improve their information security in line with ISO 27001 controls.

SWIFT Customer Security Programme

Learn how Redscan’s cyber security services help organisations introduce the security controls needed to meet evolving SWIFT CSP compliance needs.

NIS Directive and NIS Regulations

The NIS Directive is designed to improve security and resilience across the EU. Learn how we help to ensure that operators of essential services and digital services providers have the necessary controls in place to minimise security risk.

NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSP Toolkit) is an online-self assessment tool that helps organisations within the NHS to benchmark their security against the National Data Guardian’s ten Data Security Standards (NDG Standards).


If your organisation is currently utilising cloud computing or considering following the lead of many other businesses in doing so, it’s essential to ensure that your critical assets are well protected.

A managed cloud security service removes these headaches, allowing organisations to focus on threat remediation rather than the arduous task of day-to-day detection.

A cloud environment being monitored for threats

Amazon Web Services

While moving workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a range of benefits, such as lowering IT costs and improving scalability and productivity, you cannot afford to ignore the potential cyber security risks.

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

Hybrid cloud security monitoring to improve threat visibility and help swiftly respond to attacks is an effective way to minimise cyber security risk and ensure compliance with the latest regulations and standards.

Microsoft Azure

Azure cloud security monitoring to improve threat visibility and help swiftly respond to attacks is an effective way to minimise cyber security risk and ensure compliance with the latest regulations and standards.

Google Cloud Platform

In recent years, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has emerged as the popular choice for businesses in need of a scalable cloud hosting solution. Owing to the sensitive information they hold, however, GCP environments are commonly targeted by cybercriminals.

Google G Suite

G Suite cloud applications such as Google Drive and Gmail help businesses to improve workforce productivity and collaboration. However, without appropriate mechanisms in place to protect and monitor G Suite environments, organisations risk exposing critical data and assets.

Microsoft Office 365

As the world’s most widely used SaaS platform, Microsoft Office 365 is routinely targeted by cybercriminals. Securing applications and services such as OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange should therefore be a high priority.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Using virtualisation technology built into Windows Server, Microsoft Hyper-V enables organisations to create flexible virtualised computing environments. However, when utilising Hyper-V, the right controls must be in place to maximise the many operational benefits it offers.

VMWare Cloud

VMWare security monitoring to improve threat visibility and help swiftly respond to attacks is an effective way to minimise cyber security risks and achieve compliance with the latest regulations and standards.

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