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Detect & Respond

Managed Detection & Response

Reducing breach detection

The advanced and evolving nature of cyber threats means that all businesses, even those with the best preventive security controls in place, are susceptible to data breaches. To fully mitigate the risk, having the capability to identify and eliminate attacks that evade perimeter defences is now essential.

Managed Detection and Response.

Redscan ThreatDetect™ provides the around-the-clock support your organisation needs to safeguard against sophisticated and persistent threat actors. Integrating experienced security professionals, the latest detection technologies, and up-to-the-minute industry intelligence, this award-winning MDR service monitors network infrastructure and endpoints for threats and provides the early notification and remediation assistance necessary to respond swiftly and effectively.

Key benefits of MDR

Detect advanced threats

Enhance your business’ ability to detect the latest threat actors that preventative, signature-based cyber security solutions such as firewalls and antivirus software can easily miss.

Minimise cyber security risk

Gain visibility of, and more clearly understand, the threats facing your business in order to reduce cyber risk and improve operational resilience.

Reduce the dwell time of breaches

According to research from the Ponemon Institute, it takes the average business 191 days to identify a data breach. With MDR, slash detection times to minutes and mitigate incidents before they cause damage and disruption.

Rapidly respond to attacks

Focus the attention of your in-house teams on shutting down threats, rather than the complex and resource-intensive task of discovering them. By hunting for signs of malicious activity, triaging security alerts to remove false positives and providing end-to-end remediation support, MDR provides the assistance needed to rapidly eliminate threats and address vulnerabilities.

Avoid upfront security investment

Reduce the burden of in-house security recruitment and financial cost of purchasing technologies by opting for an all-in-one MDR service, offering complete threat detection and response capabilities for an affordable monthly subscription.

Comply with the GDPR and other standards

With proactive network and endpoint monitoring, achieve the level of cyber security maturity needed to meet GDPR, DPA 2018, NIS Directive, PCI DSS, ISO 27001/2 and GPG13 compliance standards.

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Key service features

Proactive 24/7 network and endpoint monitoring
On-premise and cloud visibility
Red and blue team expertise
Cutting-edge technologies
CyberOps™ analytics
Security orchestration
Integrated cyber incident response
Full stakeholder reporting

Managed technologies

SIEM collects, manages and correlates log information from a variety of sources to help us detect anomalous activity across network infrastructure.

Network and host-based IDS is used to identify unauthorised or anomalous activity such as policy violations and changes to important files.

Vulnerability scanning technology helps us to identify insecure network configurations as well as unpatched and unsupported software.

Network behaviour and full protocol analysis enables us to build a picture of regular system activity to improve detection of suspicious behaviour.

Endpoint analytics allows us to enhance event visibility, conduct forensics, improve threat hunting and minimise response times.

CyberOps is Redscan's real-time threat intelligence platform, delivering enhanced security visibility, security orchestration and analytics.

The Benefits of MDR over MSSP

Offered as part of ThreatDetect

Full system deployment and management
24/7 event monitoring and investigation
Cyber threat hunting
Network vulnerability scanning
Integrated incident response
Scenario-based testing
Regular reports and service reviews

Our 'offensive' approach to threat detection

Adversarial tactics, techniques and procedures are continually evolving, meaning traditional preventative security and machine intelligence cannot be relied upon to protect your organisation.


ThreatDetect’s red and blue team security operations centre (CSOC) professionals are trained to the highest professional standards to help improve the effectiveness of our threat detection and response services.

Experienced CSOC experts

Our Cyber Security Operations Centre experts work as an extension of your in-house IT team to:

Deploy and configure

Our experts configure and continually tune all underlying technologies to ensure your service remains effective at meeting evolving security and business needs.

Hunt and detect

Our experts hunt for, monitor, investigate and respond to anomalous and suspicious behaviour, while reducing high volumes of erroneous and inaccurate system alerts.

Analysis conducted by our CSOC experts includes:

• Researching new vulnerabilities
• Reviewing packet data and logs
• Forensic analysis
• Formulating threat hunting hypotheses
• Creating new correlation rules and watchlists
• Isolating genuine alerts from false positives
• Identifying suspect IPs and URLs

Research and recommend

Our experts, including Redscan Labs researchers, closely monitor the threat landscape and conduct proprietary research to ensure that you always receive the best possible intelligence and clear, actionable outputs.

Report and review

Our experts compile weekly, monthly and quarterly reports to help your key stakeholders understand the latest cyber security risks, meet compliance standards and communicate the value of ThreatDetect.

“Providing the security expertise, tools and intelligence needed to respond to threats and breaches. With MDR, reduce the time it takes to detect attacks from months to minutes.”

Advanced threat notification, analytics
and reporting

Included as party of our ThreatDetect MDR solution, the CyberOps platform combines the extensive insight of Redscan’s CSOC experts and threat information from the latest security technologies and intelligence sources. It delivers:

Noise-free alerting

Receive genuine incident notifications, thoroughly triaged by our security operations centre experts, to save your in-house team the time and effort of investigating scores of false alarms.

Actionable outputs

Obtain the detailed incident information and remediation guidance needed to respond swiftly to threats before they spread.

Advanced security analytics

Stay abreast of changes to your organisation’s cyber security posture with customisable data visualisations that help measure key performance metrics and ensure that service delivery levels are being achieved.

Full threat visibility

Defend your network
  • Asset discovery

  • Data packet capture & analysis

  • Log & event correlation

  • Network behavioural monitoring

  • Managed vulnerability scanning

Secure your endpoints
  • Host device monitoring

  • Enhanced forensics and threat hunting

  • Attack & kill chain visualisation

  • Isolation of infected hosts

  • Root cause analysis

Learn more about ThreatDetect™

Security monitoring on-premise or in the cloud


Regardless of where your organisation’s infrastructure is located and how it’s architected, ThreatDetect can help you to achieve far-reaching threat visibility.


ThreatDetect offers comprehensive monitoring of on-premise, cloud, virtual and hybrid environments. Supported platforms include:


  Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  Microsoft Azure

  Microsoft Hyper-V


  G Suite

  Office 365


Learn more about Redscan’s cloud management and monitoring capabilities.

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Comply with industry standards

Our ThreatDetect MDR service supports compliance with a wide range of regulations and standards which necessitate proactive threat and breach detection.

ThreatDetect provides custom reporting and log retention for:

Reasons to choose Redscan

  • A leading UK MDR company
  • CREST-accredited 24/7 SOC
  • Rated 9/10 by customers for overall satisfaction
  • The latest security technologies and intelligence
  • Much more than an MSSP
  • Quick and hassle-free deployment
What our customers say
4.7/5 - based on 42 Reviews
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