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Red Team Operations

Test your ability to detect and respond to threats with a real-world cyber-attack simulation

Of all the available types of cyber security assessment, a simulated targeted cyber-attack is as close as you can get to understanding how prepared your organisation is to defend against a skilled and persistent hacker.

A Red Team Operation from Redscan is designed to far exceed the remit of traditional security test by rigorously challenging the effectiveness of technology, personnel and processes to detect and respond to a highly focussed, multi-faceted attack conducted over a period of weeks and months.


Key benefits of Red Teaming

Validate your response to attack
Identify and classify security risks
Uncover little-known weaknesses
Address vulnerabilities
Enhance Blue Team operations
Verify the effectiveness of cyber security investments
Cyber security attacks

Comprehensively challenge your
security defences

Cyber security attacks

Today’s persistent cybercriminals will exploit any and all vulnerabilities to compromise your organisation. Without knowledge of the latest attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), however, weaknesses across your IT networks could reside undetected.


A Red Team Operation from Redscan is designed to exceed the remit of a penetration test to provide an in-depth, multi-layered assessment of your organisation’s defences. This simulated targeted cyber-attack utilises the latest hacking tools and TTPs to achieve agreed objectives and thoroughly assesses the effectiveness of your technology, personnel and processes.


To maximise authenticity, it’s recommended that a Red Team attack simulation is performed with the knowledge of as few key stakeholders as possible.

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Goals of a Red Team Operation

Pre-agreed objectives of a Red Team assessment could include:

  • Gaining access to a segmented environment holding sensitive data
  • Taking control of an IoT device or a specialist piece of equipment
  • Compromising the account credentials of a company director
  • Obtaining physical access to a server room
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Key features of our Red Team service

End-to-end security assessment

By mirroring the approach of genuine attackers, a Red Team engagement comprehensively challenges virtual and physical security controls in order to identify weaknesses in technology, processes and human behaviour.

Intelligence-led testing

To ensure that engagements accurately reflect the approach of real-life attackers, Red Team Operations are conducted in line with a black-box methodology. This includes a phase of active and passive reconnaissance to gather intelligence that could be used to launch a successful attack.

Multi-blended attack methods

In order to achieve an agreed objective, red team testing adopts a ‘no holds barred’ approach. A wide range of methods are commonly utilised, including social engineering, Command and Control and physical intrusion.

In-depth reporting

Detailed, custom reports provide key stakeholders with a complete overview of the Red Teaming Operation undertaken plus the actionable intelligence needed to help prioritise and remediation of any risks identified.

What deliverables to expect from red teaming

Our CREST certified ethical hackers provide regular feedback to ensure that all requested stakeholders are kept informed about operation progress.

Here’s what you can expect to receive when you commission Redscan’s Red Teaming services:

An executive summary

A high-level overview of the red team operation for executive and management teams.

Technical details

Detailed technical feedback to enable in-house security and IT teams to understand and replicate findings.

Expert risk analysis

A comprehensive analysis of security risks identified and their severity.

Actionable intelligence

Tactical and strategic recommendations, including clear advice to help address vulnerabilities identified.

Breaching defences
by thinking
like the adversary

Pen Test Certs v3

Redscan’s CREST accredited ethical hackers possess an in-depth knowledge of the latest black hat tools and hacking techniques.

By choosing our Red Teaming services, you can be sure that all assessments will be carried out to the highest professional standards. Our qualifications include:

CREST Simulated Targeted Attack and Response (STAR), CREST Registered Tester (CRT), CREST Certified Web Application Tester (CCT APP), CREST Certified Infrastructure Tester (CCT INF), CREST Certified Simulated Attack Manager (CC SAM), CREST Certified Simulated Attack Specialist (CC SAS), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Tiger Scheme Qualified Security Team Member (QSTM), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

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Our approach

Cyber security assessment services

Our Red Team services utilise intelligence-driven testing to thoroughly assess the ability of your organisation to detect and respond to a real-world, simulated cyber-attack.


Prior to any operation, we work with you closely to define the objectives and rules of engagement. Red Team Operations are conducted in the strictest of confidence and unlike real-life attacks are not designed to cause damage and disruption.


Cyber security assessment services

Our systematic Red Team assessment methodology

Penetration testing methodology

Redscan’s Red Team Operations service uses a systematic approach to compromise your organisation and comprehensively test its detection and response capabilities.


Quality intelligence is critical to the success of any red team test. Our ethical hackers utilise a variety of OSINT tools, techniques and resources to collect information that could be used to successfully compromise the target. This includes details about employees and networks, plus deployed systems and technologies.


Once any vulnerabilities have been identified and a plan of attack formulated, the next stage of any engagement is staging. Staging involves setting up and concealing the infrastructure and resources needed to launch attacks. This can include setting up servers to perform Command & Control (C2) and social engineering activity.

Attack delivery

The attack delivery phase of a Red Team Operation involves compromising and obtaining a foothold on the target network. In the course of pursuing their objective, our ethical hackers may attempt to exploit discovered vulnerabilities, use bruteforce to crack weak employee passwords, and create fake email communications to launch phishing attacks and drop malicious payloads such as malware.

Internal compromise

Once a foothold is obtained on the target network, the next phase of the engagement is focussed on achieving the objective(s) of the Red Team Operation. Activities at this stage can include lateral movement across the network, privilege escalation plus command and control activity such as data extraction.

Reporting and analysis

Following completion of the red team assessment, a comprehensive final report is prepared to help technical and non-technical personnel understand the success of the exercise, including an overview of vulnerabilities discovered, attack vectors used and recommendations about how to remediate and mitigate risks.

Frequently asked questions

What is a red team exercise?

Performed by a team of qualified ethical hackers, a red team exercise leverages the latest hacking tools and techniques to launch a simulated cyber-attack designed to thoroughly test an organisation’s security robustness as well as threat detection and response capabilities.

How long does it take to conduct a Red Teaming Operation?

The duration of a Red Team Operation is dependent upon the scope and objective(s) of the exercise. A full end-to-end red team engagement is typically performed over one to two months however specific scenario-based operations with a narrower focus can be performed over 11-18 days. Shorter operations, such as those designed to simulate insider threats, are usually based on an assumed compromise.

What is the difference between Pen Testing and Red Teaming?

A penetration test is a focused form of cyber security assessment designed to identify and exploit as many vulnerabilities as possible over a short period of time, often just a few days. Pen tests are often performed to assess specific areas such as networks and web applications.

A Red Team Operation is an extended form of engagement conducted over a period of weeks and designed to achieve a set objective such as data exfiltration, and in the process test an organisation’s detection and response capabilities. Unlike many forms of Penetration Testing, Red Team Operations are conducted to a black-box methodology in order to ensure that engagements accurately reflect the approach of genuine attackers.

Could a Red Team Operation cause any damage or disruption?

Unlike genuine cyber-attacks, Red Team Operations are designed to be non-destructive and non-disruptive. By choosing a CREST accredited provider of ethical hacking services, you can be sure that all engagements will be carried out in line with pre-agreed rules of engagement and the highest technical, legal and ethical standards.

Reasons to choose Redscan

  • One of the highest accredited ethical hacking companies in the UK
  • A deep understanding of how hackers operate
  • Complete post-test care for effective risk remediation
  • In-depth threat analysis and advice you can trust
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