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Industry Solutions

Flexible security solutions tailored
to your needs

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry in which it operates, Redscan can help you to enhance your organisation’s cyber security posture. Our flexible managed security solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs and regulatory challenges.

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Industry Solutions


Financial institutions hold vast quantities of high value data which makes them a primary target for cyber-attackers. In the face of this threat and under increasing pressure from regulators, making the right security investments is vital.


With large scale attacks targeting law firms, barristers’ chambers and other professional services firms, organisations across the sector must make the right security investments to protect themselves and their clients.

Retail and eCommerce

Rapid digitalisation has created a mounting range of security challenges for organisations that sell products and services online. Protecting customers’ personal data must be a priority.


As transport operators continue to digitise their operations to improve communications, signalling, timetabling and passenger experience, they cannot afford to ignore the associated cyber security risks.


The dependency of today’s digitised and interconnected global economies on the energy sector has made it an attractive target for cybercriminals, so protecting providers of essential services is of paramount importance.


The manufacturing sector is now the UK’s third most heavily targeted industry by cybercriminals, but organisations within the sector are among the least well prepared to defend themselves. It is essential manufacturers move quickly to mitigate these risks.


Organisations in the healthcare sector process huge amounts of sensitive patient and employee information and it is essential they have the right cyber security controls in place to protect systems and data from being compromised.


Media companies that fail to implement appropriate security measures in a fast-evolving digital landscape risk leaving this data exposed to theft and piracy. With many expected to maintain an ‘always on’ presence, creating and sharing content on a continuous basis, the disruption caused by cyber-attacks can inflict significant financial, operational and reputational damage.


Universities, colleges and schools collect vast quantities of confidential data and must ensure the right controls are in place to prevent cyber-attacks from compromising staff and student confidentially as well as academic standards.


Digitisation is playing an increasingly important role for housing associations, estate agents and property developers, but without robust security, the personal data of tenants and partners is at risk.


To avoid threats to public services and state security, local and central government must ensure that comprehensive cyber security controls and procedures are in place to provide protection against malicious actors.


A rise in the number of cyber-attacks targeting not-for-profit organisations has increased the need for charities, foundations and trade organisations to prioritise cyber security and protect the personal information of supporters and donors.

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