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Customised simulations for better adversary insight

Have your system controls been tested? Do you know if they are ready to respond effectively to today’s attack patterns? Kroll’s proprietary FAST Attack Simulations combine unrivalled incident forensics experience with leading security frameworks to bring customised breach simulations to your environment.

With deep knowledge of the industry, market and geographical factors which influence the threat landscape, we craft a series of highly trackable and repeatable breach simulations to prepare your systems and teams for likely threats. Combined with any specific requirements your organisation may have, we will layer industry standards and years of experience to help test your ability to detect and respond to indicators throughout the kill chain. We will then support your organisation in identifying and prioritising next steps for your security team.

Breach and attack simulation services

Remote and on-site breach and attack simulation services

Kroll leverages decades of incident response and proactive testing expertise to customise a FAST Attack Simulation to meet the needs and threats of your organisation. We create a series of breach simulations designed to test and prepare your organisation for potential security challenges.

Our breach and attack notification services are structured around our FAST philosophy:


A tailored exercise that meets your needs


Measured adherence to your security standards


Scripted attack methods from trusted advisors


Trackable progress through repeatable playbooks


Breach and attack simulation service features

Benefit from expert support and an industry-trusted platform to ensure your organisation is fully prepared to defend against a wide range of security vulnerabilities.

Customised breach and attack simulations
We develop a series of attack simulations tailored around your needs, drawing on industry standards such as MITRE ATT&CK, and harnessing our expertise to help test your ability to detect and respond to indicators throughout the kill chain.
Expert advice on next steps
Simulated attacks should be used consistently to test and retest configuration changes, benchmark response preparedness and gauge adherence to internal security standards. Kroll practitioners will guide your organisation through conclusions to help identify and prioritise next steps for your security team.
Enhanced security operations
Kroll’s FAST Attack Simulations can test a wide range of processes and procedures, putting your systems and teams up against real attack profiles, in your environment, with your actual tools and resources.
Improved security posture
Threats are constantly evolving, changing your exposure day-by-day. We can design and implement a breach simulation that covers threats that are common, emerging and specifically targeted to your company’s demographics.


Breach and attack simulation FAQs

What is a breach and attack simulation?

A breach and attack simulation is a type of advanced computer security testing method. It aims to identify different vulnerabilities in security environments by simulating the attack paths and techniques likely to be used by malicious actors. A breach simulation allows organisations to evaluate their security controls and their ability to detect and mitigate against cyber threats.

How can a breach and attack simulation enhance my organisation’s security status?

Regular breach and attack simulations provide vital insights to help your organisation measure, manage and improve the ability of its systems and defend effectively against cyber-attacks. They can also enable your organisation to identify potential vulnerabilities or other issues problems early on. Breach simulations are especially valuable in the face of increasingly complex enterprise networks and the shift towards cloud computing, IoT and remote working.

When should organisations undertake breach simulations?

This will depend on your specific requirements, but it is recommended that breach simulations should be undertaken when an organisation wants to ensure that its security controls and tools are performing effectively. As a general rule, it can be beneficial to run and review simulations on an annual basis. They should also be undertaken when an organisation makes a significant change to their network or security strategy.

What should I do after a breach and attack simulation?

Once designed, simulated attacks should be used to regularly test and retest configuration changes, benchmark response preparedness and gauge adherence to internal security standards. Supported by our proprietary FAST simulation platform, we will guide your organisation through conclusions to help identify and prioritise next steps for your security team.

Which areas of cyber security does a breach simulation cover?

The wide breadth of security issues covered by breach and attack simulations includes data exfiltration, phishing attacks, malware attacks, attacks that move laterally within networks and malware attacks on endpoints. We ensure that your breach simulation is designed to align with your organisation’s specific needs and priorities.

What’s the difference between a breach and attack simulation and a penetration test?

While a penetration test is a one-off, human-led exercise, automated breach and attack simulations enable the continual testing of security defences. Penetration testing provides a valuable insight into a company’s security status at one specific point in time while breach simulations are undertaken on an ongoing basis, to gauge changes over time.

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What we do

Combining industry best practice with unmatched expertise

Kroll’s FAST Attack Simulations balance proven technology with decades of experience in incident response and preparedness to provide tangible recommendations for removing security blind spots. Designed to be highly trackable and repeatable, FAST Attack Simulation exercises help keep your organisation’s security posture at its best while your system and people are constantly evolving.

Board members, executives and security leaders are having conversations about risk. Are you achieving the right balance between speed, innovation and security? Once defined, FAST Attack Simulation engagements can help you benchmark against that risk appetite by ensuring that certain intrusion tactics are identified and mitigated.

Common threats our incident response services help to address:

  • Phishing
  • Data exfiltration
  • Malware attacks
  • Security control vulnerabilities
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About Us

Why choose Kroll?

  • Flexible services to meet a range of needs
  • Recognised by CREST and PCI Council
  • A team of over 450 DFIR experts globally
  • >3,200 incidents responded to per year

What Our Customers Say

4.9/5 - based on 113 Reviews
“The penetration testing that Redscan performed provided some very credible findings and outlined clear improvements that we were able to implement. The whole process raised the bar of our cyber security defences.”
Head of Cyber Security
Specialist Bank
"Redscan gave us the professional service and quick turnaround that we needed to meet our tight deadlines."
IT Manager
Financial Markets Association
“Redscan’s hands on approach identified security flaws that had previously been overlooked by other vendors.”  
Technical Operations Manager
Spread Betting Firm
"Should I need any security testing again in the future, Redscan would be my first port of call!"
Project Analyst/Developer
Life Insurance Provider
“We have been very impressed by the quality of Redscan’s engagement, communication and reporting. We will not hesitate to use them for any future testing requirements.”      
Information Security Officer
Investment Advisory
“Redscan has given us a third party stamp of approval for our IT security and the reassurance to know we are as secure as possible.”
IT Manager
Investment Advisory

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