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Yesterday Redscan hosted its inaugural Ethical Hacking Roundtable event in Central London, with a lively panel debate from some of the UK’s most prominent thought leaders on the subject of ethical hacking.

Ethical Hacking Roundtable panel

Ethical hacking stories generate a lot of media attention but the term “ethical” implies that there needs to be a distinction between good and bad hackers, and what this means to people can vary wildly. For this breakfast roundtable, Redscan gathered a diverse mix of industry experts for a debate that focused on common misconceptions of hackers; the biggest challenges the ethical hacking industry is facing; and what the next year (and beyond) holds for the ethical hacking industry.

We were delighted to welcome these experts to the panel:

  • Stephen Pritchard – Chair of the panel
  • Mark Nicholls – CTO at Redscan
  • Anthony Lee – Partner at Rosenblatt Limited
  • Giles Ashton-Roberts – CISO at FirstGroup Holdings Limited
  • Ian Glover – President of CREST
  • Jake Davis – Former hacker (aka Topiary)
  • Jim Hart – CISO at Pollinate International
  • Lauri Love – British hacktivist
  • Raef Meeuwisse – Cyber Security Author

Panellists in discussion at Ethical Hacking Roundtable

We would like to say a big thank you to all our panellists for taking time out from their busy schedules and contributing to the debate.

We look forward to sharing the key themes and discussion points from the roundtable over the next few weeks.


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