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Redscan is proud to mark International Women’s Day 2021.

While there undoubtedly remains a gender imbalance in the security industry, we’re pleased to see some positive signs that this is being addressed, with more women entering the industry than ever before.

According to (ISC)², approximately a quarter of the professionals working in cyber security are women, up from 11% in 2017. This is a positive trend, but there is definitely still work to be done.

Girl on computer in office working

At Redscan, we are hiring more women across our business than ever and actively promoting cyber security as a rewarding career option for all.

We spoke with some members of our team and asked them to tell us what they love about working in cyber security.


Juliette Hudson, Senior SOC Analyst

“In cyber security, there are always new things to learn. Working in a Security Operations Centre enables me to see attackers acting in real time. It’s interesting to observe their activities as well as work out ways to stop them.”


Rebecca Kuzu, Offensive Security Consultant

“Cyber security is exciting to work in. There are new approaches and techniques to discover all the time. The industry as a whole is friendly. People are always willing to work together to solve problems and to share knowledge.”


Ashleigh Farrand, Head of Service Operations

“I enjoy the challenge of my role and helping to better protect our customers. It’s great to work with passionate people that are always happy to get stuck in.

“You don’t always have to be technical to work in security. There are lots of roles, such as those in project management, governance and compliance, that don’t necessarily require a high level of security knowledge. For those types of roles, aspects of security can be learned on the job.”


Seraphina Anderson, Security Engineer

“The cyber security sector is an ever-evolving industry. There will always be new vulnerabilities to explore – and new methods of attack. So there’s plenty of scope for innovation and a great need for people with the skills and drive to contribute.

“I really enjoy the variety of challenges and projects which head my way, be it development of complex regex for the production of base rules, MITRE ATT&CK research for the design of use cases or log source analysis.”


Mariya Grozdanova, Threat Intelligence Analyst

“Working in cyber security is extremely interesting and dynamic! With new incidents and investigations every day, there’s never an opportunity to get bored.

“You will also work with extremely bright, dedicated and hardworking people who really care about what they are doing. Regardless of your background, if you are committed and excited about cyber there are plenty of options to get involved. What you are doing really matters.”


If you’re looking for a new cyber security role, Redscan are hiring for a range of positions across the business.

Check out our careers page for the latest opportunities.