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The use of cloud computing services is growing, as organisations seek to take advantage of numerous benefits including fast and scalable deployments, global accessibility and reduced upfront costs.


However, businesses moving vital operations to the cloud must ensure they keep cyber security at the forefront of their minds, or risk leaving critical assets exposed. Perimeter controls alone do little to protect cloud environments, and while essential threat detection technologies are now available in the cloud, the same management and monitoring challenges exist as with on-premise environments.


A rapid shift to the cloud


Cloud computing offers a range of instant benefits that make it an attractive proposition for organisations of all sizes. Rather than having to build and maintain extensive IT infrastructure in-house, businesses can consume cloud resources on-demand and scale and customise where necessary on a temporary or permanent basis.

The flexibility and efficiency savings achievable through cloud computing has led to a rapid surge in its uptake. A recent Forrester study has estimated that global cloud service revenues are growing 30% annually, with Gartner estimating that server virtualisation rates now exceed 75%.

With organisations increasingly concerned about the security of their private, public and hybrid cloud environments, cloud security solutions are quickly evolving to meet these challenges, with Forrester reporting an annual growth rate of 28% for cloud security solutions versus 10% for security as a whole.


The challenge of cloud management and monitoring


IT teams that choose to operate all or some services in public and/or private clouds often do so under pressure to streamline operations and maximise efficiency, but many are also burdened with the responsibility of maintaining and improving information security. This can be a tough balancing act, particularly for small and medium-sized organisations that operate on a tight budget and lack dedicated security resources.

New cloud security technologies are helping organisations to improve security of cloud infrastructure. However, much like with on-premise monitoring, the latest technologies require expert knowledge, as well as round-the-clock provisioning, in order to be utilised effectively.

Threat detection technologies such as SIEM, intrusion detection and endpoint detection offer an essential layer of protection for cloud environments, providing visibility of important security event information such as network, cloud access and VPC flow logs to aid early threat identification. However, there is a significant workload associated with filtering through the noise of complex system alerts in order to separate genuine incidents from false positives, analyse and triage incidents and escalate issues that require attention.

With a global skills shortage in cyber security, finding qualified security experts with the requisite understanding of the latest threats and technologies is difficult and expensive. Additionally, to ensure continuous protection, security operations must be undertaken 24/7, which is often only viable for the largest enterprises.


A managed cloud security service


To help address the security challenges of cloud adoption, many organisations are now turning to a managed cloud security service to provide an extra layer of protection.

ThreatDetect ™, Redscan’s flagship managed detection and response (MDR) service, helps to secure private, public and hybrid cloud environments by providing, for an affordable monthly subscription, the capabilities needed to identify and remediate the latest cyber threats, respond to incidents and remediate breaches. The service supports a range of cloud and virtualised environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Hyper-V and VMWare.

Flexible and scalable to the needs of your business, ThreatDetect includes powerful cloud compatible security technologies, including SIEM, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning and endpoint protection. When combined with Redscan’s certified experts and continuous threat intelligence, this award-winning CSOC service helps to mitigate cyber security risk and achieve compliance with legislation, including the incoming GDPR, which mandates appropriate data protection and breach reporting standards.

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