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To keep up with a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, it is vital for all businesses to make continuous efforts to improve cyber security.


However, a successful long term information security strategy requires dedicated security expertise, which can be hard to find in the face of a global talent shortage. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline fast approaching, the stakes are now higher than ever.

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service can be a hugely valuable option for any organisation facing up to the challenge of improving cyber security on a tight budget. By calling upon an experienced cyber security professional as and when required, businesses can effectively bridge the resource gap to receive vital assistance planning and executing a successful cyber security plan.


What is a Virtual CISO?


A Virtual CISO (vCISO) is a dedicated information security professional that can be called upon to help an organisation plan, develop and execute a robust security strategy. Responsibilities of a vCISO could include building and managing in-house security teams, assisting in the selection of security infrastructure, writing security policies and procedures, and reporting to a board of directors.

A vCISO service can be tailored to the needs of a specific organisation and the flexible nature of the service means it is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Organisations can request both on-site and remote support, with consultancy hours capable of being scaled up or down in accordance with business needs.


Widespread security challenges


With a global shortage in security expertise, particularly at senior levels, finding an in-house CISO with the knowledge and leadership skills required can pose a significant challenge. By outsourcing this crucial business function, organisations can make a significant resource saving without compromising on quality of service.

Findings from a recent UK government Cyber Security Breaches Survey suggest that many UK organisations continue to neglect basic security issues. Of all the businesses surveyed, only 29% had a dedicated board member responsible for cyber security and only 33% had any form of formal cyber security policy in place.

By failing to develop a robust InfoSec strategy, many businesses are leaving themselves vulnerable to cyber-attack. Breaches are on the rise at all levels, with almost half of organisations reporting a breach in the past year. A virtual CISO enables businesses to bridge the resource gap  and ensure that they aren’t seen as an easy target by cybercriminals.


Helping to prepare for the GDPR


With the May 2018 deadline now just a year away, preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation should be high on the agenda for any organisation that processes personal data such as employee and customer records. GDPR compliance cannot be achieved overnight but the wide-ranging data security improvements required under the regulation are only achievable with a long-term strategy in place. Failure to address data security shortcomings in a timely fashion could result in significant financial sanctions and reputational damage.

By conducting a data protection impact assessment (DPIA), reviewing network and information security controls, and evaluating breach detection and response capabilities, a virtual CISO can provide the expert insight and impartial advice required to support GDPR preparations.

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Why choose Redscan?


As an award-winning provider of managed security services, Redscan has extensive experience in helping to defend organisations of all sizes against advanced online threats. By thinking like the adversary, exceeding expectations and offering clear security advice, our dedicated team is committed to helping organisations improve their security posture.

Our vCISO service provides highly certified, skilled and experienced security professionals that can be called upon when needed most. Our flexible, consumption-based approach offers vCISO guidance for regular counsel, on a per-project basis or during critical business periods such as mergers and acquisitions. By providing access to our in-house team of ethical hackers, CSOC analysts, engineers and auditors as part of our consultancy service, Redscan provides the level of support and advice needed to make tangible improvements to organisations’ cyber security.

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