Webinar: Making the Most of Digital Risk Protection in Today’s Threat Landscape
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Hosted by Kroll and Redscan cyber risk experts, this webinar addressed digital risk protection (DRP) and shared impactful use cases for today’s threat landscape.

Often classified as “dark web monitoring,” DRP can be merged with cyber threat intelligence services to not only track threats, but take action against threats happening outside of your network. Examples of such include, but are not limited to social media platforms, forums, domain registrations and account takeovers.

The session also included examples of effective DRP deployment and how it can be leveraged in ransomware investigations, brand and fraud protection, high-visibility staff protection, reputation management and more.

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Viewers will learn:

  • How adversaries are leveraging compromised credentials easily available for sale on the dark web, and how DRP programmes can be applied in such cases.
  • How DRP programmes can help minimise exposure in highly politicised or activist-prone environments, especially with NGOs and other high-profile executives.
  • How when you align threat intelligence and DRP measures, when dealing with ransomware attacks involving data exfiltration, you can minimise costly breach notification mandates.
  • How to leverage DRP as part of cyber due diligence exercises to uncover risks ahead of or during transactions.

The webinar originally took place in October 2021 and presenters included: Keith Wojcieszek, Managing Director, and Laurie Iacono, Senior Vice President in Kroll’s Cyber Risk practice and was hosted by George Glass, Head of Threat Intelligence at Redscan, a Kroll business.

Watch the webinar recording