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On 10th March, Redscan hosted a webinar to help organisations learn about the key considerations when purchasing third-party applications for your business and what the security questions you should ask application vendors are.


From helping with sales and marketing, to managing employee annual leave and payroll, businesses use Software as a Service (SaaS) applications to support a wide range of functions. Unfortunately, many of these apps aren’t fully assessed by security teams prior to use, which can create security and compliance failures.

In this webinar, Redscan’s Jed Kafetz, Senior Security Consultant, explained how to protect a business by assessing SaaS application security risks.

Recording of webinar screengrab

At the webinar attendees discovered:

  • Why SaaS security is so important
  • What good and bad SaaS security looks like
  • The security questions you should ask application vendors

Watch the webinar