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By Mike Fenton, CEO Redscan.

With the champagne bubbles having settled following last week’s Computing Security Awards, now seems like a perfect time to reflect on our success and look ahead to the challenges of the future.

The Redscan team takes immense pride at receiving such a highly regarded accolade and our success takes me back several years to when the idea of launching a Managed Detection and Response service was originally proposed.

In talking to multiple businesses at the time, I was struck by how many lacked awareness of common security issues. Very few understood the damage that could be inflicted by the latest threats, with many happy to sit back and adopt a reactive approach to threat detection.

After spending a lot of time and effort trying to educate businesses about the financial and reputational damages of a cyber-attack with limited success, unfortunately it took a series of high-profile breaches to trigger the start of a wider change in the way that businesses approach cyber security. One of the most prominent of these was an attack on Sony Pictures in 2014 which led to the loss of thousands of items of personal data, including embarrassing emails about some of the world’s biggest movie stars.

Enterprise-level protection for less

The Sony attack, among others, raised several key questions to businesses about whether they were doing enough to protect the security of their employees, customers and business partners. For smaller and mid-sized businesses, the challenges posed were particularly difficult. How to protect against the same threats affecting large enterprises but on a much tighter budget?

Through the integration of three crucial ingredients – cutting-edge technology, expert human analysis and latest intelligence – ThreatDetect was born. Acting as a virtual extension of in-house resources, the service was officially launched in 2015 with the aim of providing enterprise-level protection for less cost, a philosophy that continues to the present day.

By providing businesses with a fully outsourced Security Operations Centre, ThreatDetect proactively monitors network infrastructure and assets 24/7 to hunt for internal and external threats, and provides the early notification and remediation advice needed to respond effectively and rapidly.

Preparing for the security challenges of tomorrow

The problems of yesteryear continue to affect businesses today, as demonstrated by an increasing number of organisations across sectors turning to Redscan to support their security needs. Awareness of cyber threats is improving but as recent high profile attacks on companies such as Yahoo, Seagate and Just for Men demonstrates, companies still have a long way to go to reduce their cyber risk.

The daily emergence of new, sophisticated threats that evade traditional detection methods, combined with the proliferation of cloud services, IoT and remote working is creating new challenges. By enhancing ThreatDetect to include new detection technologies, focusing on quality of service to help customers truly understand their security posture, and integrating new threat intelligence from external and internal ‘Red team’ sources, Redscan is committed to the continual development of our services.

Being recognised by customers, partners and industry peers for a Computing Security Magazine award is great testament to the talent and dedication of our team but the hard work doesn’t stop here. The adversary is changing and Redscan’s services will continue to do the same.


About the author

The Redscan Marketing team, now part of Kroll's Cyber Risk practice.