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The flexibility, scalability and efficiency of cloud computing is proving an attractive proposition for modern businesses, with more and more organisations moving operations to the cloud.


63% of organisations run IT operations in the cloud – 
PwC, The Global State of Information Security Survey 2017

Any organisation considering moving data and applications to a cloud, virtual or hybrid environment, however, must ensure their critical assets are protected. Effective cloud security management requires the ability to continuously monitor networks to detect and respond to threats swiftly and effectively.

While there is a growing range of cloud monitoring solutions on the market to help organisations achieve greater visibility of cloud environments, familiar challenges persist. These include purchasing the right systems, integrating and optimising them to achieve best results and recruiting the security experts needed to perform 24/7 security monitoring, event triage and incident response.

Signs that your cloud network could be under attack include:

• Unusual outbound network traffic
• Unexpected network and data access attempts
• Network scanning
• User privilege escalation
• Creation of new users
• Bruteforce attempts


Managed cloud security monitoring


To help address security challenges, many organisations are now turning to managed cloud security services for an extra layer of protection against evolving cyber threats.

ThreatDetect™ is Redscan’s award-winning Managed Detection and Response service. For an affordable monthly subscription, ThreatDetect provides red and blue team CSOC experts, cutting-edge technologies and aggregated threat intelligence to help hunt for, detect and respond to threats across networks and endpoints, 24/7.

Fully scalable to business needs, ThreatDetect includes powerful cloud compatible security technologies such as SIEM, IDS, vulnerability scanning, behavioural analytics and endpoint detection, all orchestrated through CyberOps™, Redscan’s cloud architected XDR platform.

ThreatDetect supports a range of public and private cloud and virtualised environments, including:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
Microsoft Azure
G Suite
Office 365
Microsoft Hyper-V


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