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ThreatDetect ™ from Redscan enables organisations to get the most from AlienVault Unified Security Management by supplying leading Cyber Security Operations Centre experts to deliver award-winning 24/7 detection and response.


A Platinum AlienVault MSSP , Redscan has extensive experience in helping organisations enhance their cyber defences. Combining AlienVault USM’s powerful threat detection capabilities with leading CSOC expertise and supplementary threat intelligence, our award-winning ThreatDetect service delivers rapid threat detection and incident response capabilities for a cost-effective monthly subscription.


The difficulties of in-house monitoring


AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) is a network monitoring platform that combines five key security capabilities – vulnerability scanning, asset discovery, intrusion detection, behavioural monitoring and SIEM. This blend of technologies enables organisations of all sizes to improve network visibility in order to identify cyber threats that bypass traditional security defences.

Despite the many advantages of USM, many organisations lack the security expertise required to make the most of the platform and harness its intended benefits. SIEM , for example, generates a vast number of alarms, each requiring extensive analysis to differentiate between genuine security incidents and false positives. Analysing alerts can be highly complex and time-consuming, requiring dedicated security personnel with the time and knowledge to investigate and triage identified issues.

Once correctly identified, knowing how to respond swiftly and effectively to threats to prevent them from escalating is another area in which businesses commonly struggle. Receiving alerts is futile if you don’t know how to correctly respond to them.


Finding the right AlienVault MSSP


As a Platinum AlienVault Partner, Redscan can help businesses that have deployed or are considering deploying USM to bridge the skills and resource gap, in order to enhance threat detection capabilities and reduce the budgetary and operational challenges of managing cyber security in-house.

Redscan’s Cyber Security Operations Centre, operated by an expert team of analysts and engineers, enables ThreatDetect customers to benefit from industry leading expertise without having to recruit these hard-to-find security experts themselves. Qualifications held by the team include CISSP, CISSP- ISSAP, CISA, CISM, CEH, OSCE, OSWP & CREST.

Our dedicated AlienVault support and professional services teams provide the expertise needed to swiftly deploy, configure and optimise the USM platform (including USM Appliance and USM Anywhere), across your on-premise, cloud and virtual environments. We monitor, tune and maintain each deployment to ensure optimal performance.


Maximising your security investment


ThreatDetect supplements USM’s pre-defined correlation directives with custom-developed rulesets based upon a wide range of additional threat intelligence, including in-house research from Redscan Labs and external intelligence from CiSP.

Our security experts use this information to help identify a broader range of threats, including unknown actors, as well reduce high volumes of erroneous and inaccurate system alerts. By proactively filtering through system logs to hunt for threats and identify breaches, we enable in-house teams to focus on core IT functions by removing the burden of everyday monitoring.

Organisations that choose Redscan as their AlienVault MSSP also have access to a range of additional technologies, such as endpoint analytics and honeypots, which can be added to the service to enhance threat detection capabilities.

Through CyberOps , our intuitive threat notification and analytics platform, included as part of ThreatDetect, we track incidents from detection through to remediation. Our AlienVault support analysts identify issues, assign them with an associated risk level and provide detailed threat information and remediation advice.


Why choose Redscan?


As the only Platinum AlienVault Partner in EMEA, Redscan is perfectly placed to meet the needs of any organisation planning to deploy AlienVault USM, or looking to maximise the return from their existing platform.

Without the appropriate security skills and resources, organisations will fail to realise USM’s full potential to improve their cyber security. By combining USM’s powerful detection capabilities with a 24/7 CSOC capability, ThreatDetect provides complete managed detection and response for a fraction of the price of replicating equivalent capabilities in-house.


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