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Our Head of Threat Intelligence, George Glass, shares his analysis of threat activity over the past three months and emerging trends that we’re likely to see.


Watch the 15 minute video for insights into:

  • Ransomware as a continued threat in 2021, with an overview of current unpatched vulnerabilities that are being actively exploited by cybercriminal gangs.
  • New initial access methods used by threat actors, such as online chatbots and website forms with case studies to illustrate how they operate.
  • Why 2021 is proving to be ‘an extraordinary year for vulnerabilities’ with an overview of the ongoing risks of high impact critical vulnerabilities such as ProxyLogon, PrintNightmare and VMware vCentre Server.
  • Key operational risks organisations are facing, including the Kaseya exploitation by REVil and the ransomware attack on SonicWall, with advice on how to address the risks.