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ProxyLogon is a series of zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server.

Proxylogon has been a source of huge concern for security teams since the flaws were publicly disclosed at the beginning of March, affecting over 400,000 mail servers globally.

With thousands of organisations still at risk, watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Devon Ackerman (Managing Director and Head of Incident Response, North America at Kroll) and George Glass (Head of Threat Intelligence at Redscan) as they share their experiences of analysing, detecting and responding to ProxyLogon exploitation attempts.

Watch the recording

Learn about the on-going impact of ProxyLogon, including:

  • How threat actors are chaining the vulnerabilities to exfiltrate data and deploy ransomware
  • Why patching is essential but is not a guaranteed mitigation
  • Key indicators of compromise and how to identify them
  • The importance of telemetry in achieving deep visibility of adversarial behaviours
  • Ways to better protect your organisation against current and future risks

Duration: Approx. 30 minutes.